I Messed Up Big Time! Part 1

I Messed Up Big Time! Part 1

By Pastor Dunamis

Ever thought of chewing gravel? It was sweet bread initially; the aroma was tempting and inviting, but underneath the freshly baked loaf were hundreds of hidden jaw-breaking pieces of gravel.

By the time this was realized, the mastication process has begun and it was almost too late. The harm was done, the oral cavity was a mess and the digested gravel has begun to take its toll on the body.

This was the scenario the Johnsons found themselves. The Johnson family was a wonderful family with two children, Ade and Lima. Bode Johnson was a successful business man with interests in web implementation and designs while Sade Johnson worked in a Tele-communication company.

The only snag is she closed late, but understandably so. Everything looked promising for them.

However, Sade was promoted at work and troubles reared its head, bearing fangs and all! At work, her responsibilities were magnified and she had more people to supervise at work.

Pressures mounted and for a workaholic that she was, she believed she would handle it all. She came home late than usual and her family began to take the second place in her heart.

Initially, her husband thought he would adjust with time, since she was going to be earning more money anyway. But contrary to his expectations, the busy schedules and work stress began to take toll on their sexual life. It suffered and deteriorated.

She would often come home dog-tired and making love with her husband would be the last thing on her mind. They began to make love once in two weeks, and then once in two months. Several nights, Bode would roll over and touch Sade, but she was always too far gone, with her loud snores, which always irritated Bode the more.

All his attempts to wake her up would prove futile. At that point, Bode was a changed man. He was always on edge, angry and impatient and Sade was too engrossed with her work to understand the source of his aggression. To make matter worse, their communication lines faded and consequently nosedived.

Bode began to play with the idea of sorting himself out with the young girls that were at his beck and call in his office. He felt justified, after all, “body no be wood!”

The greatest mistake he made was that he refused to talk to his pastor and chose to handle the issue his own way. In his office, Rita has always been there, beautiful, nicely shaped, but around the time, it was as if Rita knew what was going on at home. How come he had not thought of going out on a lunch break with Rita, after all, that would just be an innocent outing? Surely, that wouldn’t be infidelity!

As they sat around the two-only-table, Rita looked at him squarely on the face and said, “I wish I had a man like you as a husband.” He was flattered. He actually blushed, thanks to his dark complexion that covered it all.

The piece of meat pie Bode just eat stood mid-way in his throat. He fidgeted with his phone, and then managed to swallow. He looked at her and for the first time, noticed how her dimples accentuated her rounded mien. She smiled and he felt a rush of blood.

“But…but you are married,” he managed to say.

“Yes, I know, it is just that you have a listening ear, unlike my husband.”

They began to discuss the downsides of their spouses. That was a grave mistake.
Lunch breaks continued. They bonded together emotionally, until they began to think they were made for each other. In no time, they took the relationship to another level, and before you could say, “Jack Robison,” they had a sexual affair.

That continued for a while, and Bode did not even bother his wife again.

Sade on the other hand spent more time with her colleagues than Bode. She would get home late every other night, and yet she would still sit with her Ipad to work some more at home. Even the children suffered as they saw their mum but could not reach her.


It was like every other day, but the shock was something else for her. She wept endlessly and she wondered why that should happen to her. She got a text from a stranger that her husband was having an affair with Rita. Her world was shattered.

Her immediate superior at the office, Mr. Dave noticed and asked her what was wrong. She opened up to him, and Mr. Dave who had always admired her, consoled her with a big hug, assuring her that all would be well…

To be continued…

Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Husband of one. Father of Three. Mentor of thousands. Impact to nations. Addicted writer. Web Developer. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. Facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club. Follow on Instagram HERE

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