I Messed Up Big Time! Part 2

I Messed Up Big Time! Part 2

By Pastor Dunamis

By the time she got home that night, she was more composed and ready for a big fight. Bode didn’t notice anything. He went to have a shower; he wouldn’t want Sade perceiving Rita’s perfume all over his body. While he had his shower, Sade flipped through his phone. She saw some love texts, but to her surprise, the sender was saved with the name “Barber.”

As he joined her in the bed, she said calmly, “Bode”

Bode’s hairs stood on end. She knew there was an issue whenever she addressed her like that.

“Yes, dear,” he answered.

“Who is Barber? I saw the love texts!”

Bode did not know where the lies came from. They were lies at the “spur of the moment.”

“Oh, my friend forwarded those texts to me, he said dismissingly.

“Your friend is the “Barber?” She retorted.

Bode stammered, and there were no more inspirations.

“Stop telling lies! Those texts were from Rita and I spoke with her today!”

Bode was caught hands down. Hot sweat broke forth on his forehead like little boils. How did she know? How come Rita didn’t tell me she spoke with her? He wondered.
Sade broke down in agonizing tears. That was one thing Bode could not handle. Tears! He decided to own up.

“I am sorry! It was the devil. I will never do that again.”

Sade could not believe her ears. So it was true? She cried the more.

He begged her and apologised profusely. He explained to her that she had not been giving him enough of herself, hence the need to relieve the pressure some way. Sade knew she had been careless. That night, they made up and they made love. Bode promised to stay faithful and stay away from Rita. Sade promised to be a wife indeed!

In the ensuing weeks, Sade was inundated with the emotions of hatred, revenge and disgust by her husband’s infidelity. It affected her productivity. Her boss took advantage of the situation and asked her out. Sade felt justified to flirt just for once. She believed she needed to do that to get even with what her husband did. She played along until she was involved sexually with her boss.

On one hand, she hated herself for what she did; on the other hand, she felt justified. She told herself that would be the first and the last time, but her boss was overbearing, so she played along.

On the other hand, Bode who promised to stay away from Rita fulfilled his promise, but only for two weeks. Like a lamb being led to his slaughter, he was back at the feet of compromise and adultery, taking several bows.

Then, without warning, the sword of Damocles seemed to descend on their household. Ade took ill with measles that defied all medicines. Lima had appendicitis and everybody wondered how a four year old could get that. Bode’s laptops crashed, while Lima emptied two bottles of “Bobo drinks” on his ipad. Sade had an accident with her car, and all the problems came from all ends.

Problems came from all ends, and rapidly too. They were forced to go and seek help as it was obvious something was wrong. As they sat before their Pastor and confessed their sexual escapades, they both wept and sought God for genuine repentance.

They were led in a prayer of repentance and deliverance. Their Pastor noted that their adulterous relationships had opened the doors for the devil to afflict them. He noted that sex is spiritual and that the greatest mistake anybody can make is bonding illegally with anyone aside from one’s spouse. He advised them to make love as often as they can and that Sade must never deny her husband sex for any reason.

He also noted that they must learn to take themselves out regularly and keep on communicating several times a day. He also advised them to always pray together and to always put God’s word first place in their lives. Their Pastor got them humbled when he told them both of them have been stupid and then showed them he didn’t say that, but God’s word did. He showed them where the Holy Writ says “Adultery is a brainless act, soul-destroying, self-destructive;”

“Never discuss your spouse with your colleagues,” he said firmly. With that he held their hands and prayed for them one more time asking God to restore all that has been lost. After their repentance, the problems assuaged, and both of them stayed faithful to each other.
Sade was a changed person. She even was more available and decided to leave “office” in the “office. Bode stayed faithful to his wife. They both decided to put their family and love life first before work.

Pro 20:17 MSG
Stolen bread tastes sweet, but soon your mouth is full of gravel.

Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Husband of one. Father of Three. Mentor of thousands. Impact to nations. Addicted writer. Web Developer. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. Facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club. Follow on Instagram HERE

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