Is God Jealous Of Boo?

Is God Jealous Of Boo?

Imagine God being jealous of your boo or bae?
Yeah, He could be because you are paying way more attention to boo than you are to God.

You are telling bae all about how your day went and forming silent treatment with God.

Funny thing is, when you complain about boo or bae not being a good listener, God will just keep looking at you and wondering why you are not talking to Him more often, since He does a better job of listening than your partner and can even help your partner become a better listener.

Interesting, isn’t it? It is pretty interesting how we leave God on the sidelines in our lives and give our relationships the spotlight.

We are constantly communicating, chatting, calling, video calling, voice calling or just hanging out with our baes or boos, but we find it amazingly difficult to spend some quality time hanging out with God and telling Him all the stuff that bothers our minds, how our days are going, what we plan to have for breakfast, what the weird guy you met at the supermarket said to the cashier and lots of random stuff like that.

Let me explain something to you. If you do this a lot, I mean talk to boo or bae a lot and leave God somewhere behind, just tagging along with you guys, it might be fun for a while, your relationship might be going great for a while but eventually, you will BURN OUT.

You will begin to yearn for something your partner wouldn’t be able to give you, something that only God can give you.

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You will begin to gradually place your partner on a platform where only God should be. This is what leads to frustrating relationships.

You want your partner to be there for you all the time, you want your partner to make you happy all the time, you want all of these things at all times but the truth is, no human being should be burdened with the ultimate responsibility of satisfying another human being all day, every day, and every year. That is purely unfair.

So dear you, God is trying to get your attention with this post. Like He is telling you, “Girl, I am in a hurry to be your all in all. Come to me and see how great a Person I can be. I will show you how interesting I can be too”

God is saying, “Boy, I want to show you how much more interesting your relationship can be when you take me off the bench and place the spotlight on me”.

Truth is when we decide to focus our attention first on God before bae or boo, it makes the relationship a lot easier. This doesn’t mean that it will be devoid of conflicts; it just means there will be abundant wisdom to handle the relationship the right and God-kind of way.

May the Lord help us to really love Him with all our hearts, minds, body and soul.

I refuse to make God jealous of my boo or bae

Lord, help me to love you with all of me.

Stop benching God in your life. Take Him off the bench into the spotlight of your life.

Talk to God about everything that bothers you today. Talk to God about how your day is going and who is making you happy or angry. Then, listen to His reply.

Matt 22:37

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Oshams Ebinum

I am Oshams, writer, blogger, soon-to-be author and Word-Lover.

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  1. Jesupelumi

    Hmm… So profound. God bless you ma

  2. Sylvester Obinna

    Lord, give me wisdom. I place none above you

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