Is Your Lover Secure In Your Love?

Some time back, a thought on love and lovers crossed my mind.

I was thinking about the way God loves us and how that He makes sure we are so secure in His love.

Like He goes the extra length to make sure we know that He really loves us and that His loving us has nothing to do with our behavior towards Him.

So we know that when we are on our best behavior, God loves us and even when we skip prayers in the morning sometimes or skip bible study times because we probably woke up late and have to be at work early that day, He still loves us.

There is a way that we feel knowing that there is nothing we can do that will make God love us any less.

I particularly love how John 3:16 puts it. God gave us Jesus even when we were sinners and unaware of the magnitude of this sacrifice.

Being secure in God’s love helps our relationship with Him. It brings us closer to Him and it makes us unafraid of what the devil throws at us, because we just know that God really does love us.

God even said it in Romans 8:38 that nothing can ever separate us from His love. He said no death, life, angels, demons, not even our fears for today or our worries for tomorrow can ever separate us from His love.

Basically, this tells us that God loves us beyond a REASON. Like He just loves me without reason.

The book of John did not say, “For God so loved the world because they were super smart, wiling to serve Him whenever He calls, super obedient and so He gave them Jesus.” He loves us SELFLESSLY.

This right here is the issue in most relationships. Most people in relationships love either because their partner has the money needed to sort their needs, or their partner is so beautiful that heads turn when she walks by.

So Bae knows that her partner loves her for her beauty because He has said that on several occasions and there is a BIG PROBLEM whenever a lady with really amazing body properties and fine face is just maybe gisting with her Boo or taking pictures.

She freaks out and she just can’t take it because she knows that Boo loves beautiful ladies and that this other finer lady can “snatch” her Boo with her “overcuteness.”

Ok, let me go spiritual now.

So Boo knows that Bae loves him because He can speak in tongues, prophsy and can call down fire from heaven in a meeting and everyone will just feel the anointing so strong.

So he begins to feel insecure when Bae starts getting too close to another man of God with more fire and even very precise and accurate prophetic words and all. Lol! And that is where ‘wahala’ will now start. It will eventually become a full-blown jealousy situation.

I know some folks, Christian folks, who even go as far as making their partner jealous on purpose. Hmmm! If you are on this table, just gently come down. It makes absolutely no sense pleeez!

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t tell your partner that you admire His or Her qualities such as his or her intelligence, spirituality or any of those things. What I am saying is this: if you really want your partner to be secure in your love, then you have to love the way God does, BEYOND A REASON, SELFLESSLY because really, there will always be someone smarter, more beautiful, more spiritual and all of that.

I am going to say this, and it might not be popular opinion but I really don’t care. Sometimes, the issue is not that a person is insecure. The issue might be they are in a relationship with someone who really doesn’t care about making them feel secure in his or her love. And a relationship CANNOT thrive in INSECURITY.

Is your lover secure in your love?

Think about this!

I am committed to making my lover secure in my love.

Lord, help me to love my Bae or Boo selflessly and beyond a reason.

Is your lover secure in your love?

Read Romans 8: 38

Romans 1

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I love selflessly

  • This is really cool one of the best things have read so far…

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