Keeping The Romance Tank Always Full

Keeping The Romance Tank Always Full

Marriage is like a water reservoir.

A typical water reservoir or tank is a store for water for use during the dry season. Initially, the tank is usually full but reduces with use.

There is need to constantly fill up the reservoir so as to serve a longer time. The same thing applies in marriage.

To keep the romance tank full, there is need to constantly fill the romance tank. You have to keep depositing and make major investments in the emotional bank of your spouse.

How do you achieve this?
1. Be a student of your spouse.Life-study your spouse to know what he/she likes or dislike.

The Golden Rule states that you should do to others what you want them do to you but today I’m glad to introduce you to the Platinum Rule.

The Platinum Rule says that you should only treat others the way they want to be treated.

How do you see your spouse? What are his/her love languages?

How often do you speak that language to him/her? What tickles his/her fancy?

It’s not just enough to treat your lover the way you want him or her to treat you but you must be able to treat him or her the way he/she will like to be treated.

2. Stop the DIY (doing it yourself), do more of DIT (doing it together).

I heard about DIT in a video I watched sometimes back and I fell absolutely in love with it.

A lot of couples are so independent of their spouses. They pray, study, play, eat, travel, attend events, care for the home front, take care of the children alone.

As much as you do this so perfectly, you still have to carry your spouse along.

Whatever you have to do, do it together with your spouse. The benefits of praying and growing together as a couple can not be overemphasized.

3. Introduce more fun stuffs.How often do you eat out as a couple, not the regular family dinners?

Take some time out just to be with your spouse. Introduce things that will make your spouse laugh so hard which in turn creates space for bonding.

4. Motivate each other to be better versions of yourselves.

It’s not just enough for you to be successful at what you do, you have to make sure your spouse tags along also.

5. Avoid unnecessary closeness with members of the opposite sex to the extent that your spouse gets insecure.

Any friendship or relationship that is a threat to your marriage is a no-go area.

6. Make major events in his/her life memorable monster how little.

Remember birthdays, anniversaries and major milestones in your spouse’s life is a plus to his/her emotional bank.

Everyone loves to be celebrated and remembered.

7. Resolve conflicts as soon as they arrive. Don’t linger too much on what can cause further wreck on your marriage.

Trash them as soon as they come.

Remember that it is you and your spouse first before the children and family members. Keep the love tank full always and that can only be done intentionally.

I am an intentional lover. I love my spouse and I am committed to doing things that will promote love in our marriage.

Father in the Name of Jesus, help me to love my spouse right. Help me to treat him/her the way You Lord wants me to treat her.

Help me to love him/her like she wants to be loved (Amen)

How full is your romance tank? Full, half-full, quarter full or empty?

Create time, not less than 30 minutes invest into your romance tank today

Phillipians 2

Mrs Oluwatoyin Ogunbameru

Oluwatoyin is a wife, teacher and a lover of God. She loves to see people living their lives in the most amazing way, thereby becoming useful to one another.

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