Marital Breakthrough Course

1 Module 28 Chapters 168 Lessons

About this course

Get ready to wed! Marital Breakthrough Programme on KHC is born out of a strong need to minister, educate and position singles and waiting singles for their wedding and great marriage.

The programme will span 28 days

I will be taking a personal journey with singles, waiting singles for 28 days!
It is a comprehensive spiritual exercise including partial fasting, meditation, confession, prayers, character adjustment, deliverance, workbook sessions, one on one mentoring, and so many other things.

The goal is to touch every possible area where there are issues such that at the end of the programme, you are ready for some wedding dance!
It involves breaking of curses, if there are any, deliverance from sexual perversion, increasing self esteem and so many areas.

We will be working with some books as well.

By the end of 28 days, and by the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be ready for your wedding, you would have done all you know to do, and then God can do what He only can do!

You can be a part of this from anywhere in the world. The goal is that by end of the programme, you are all set before God for a marital breakthrough!

As a counselor for many years, I have to listen to a lot of frustrations from singles who have delays or believe they have delays in getting married.

A lot more believe there is some curse somewhere or some diabolic powers working against them.

I have also been privilege to be used of God to pray with, guide and counsel a lot of singles who seemingly have delays but are now married to God's glory!

While I will not deny the reality of demonic powers and operations in causing delays, a lot more are as a result of personal idiosyncrasies, character issues and immaturity.

With the help and direction of the Holy Spirit, we are having the Marital Breakthrough Programme designed for singles and waiting singles.

Who Is The Programme For?

For singles who want to prepare themselves for marriage

For waiting or senior singles who think there is a delay

For singles who think there are opposing forces, curses, lineage issues etc concerning settling down in marriage

For singles who are dealing with stubborn weaknesses in any area of life

For singles who want a radical change in their spiritual life

For singles who have issues studying bible, praying, fasting and reading books and want a change.

For singles who want attitude adjustments, character development and more.

For singles who want to do everything necessary to prepare themselves for marriage so that God can do only what He can do.

For singles who are ready to get married but nobody is showing up.

For singles who want deliverance from depression, low self esteem, weaknesses, sexual weaknesses and all others.

Course Structure

28 Chapters

Marital Breakthrough

Welcome to Marital Breakthrough Programme on KHC. A 28 Day-journey into God! This journey is not a causal event, but a deep experience commanded by God.

We ensured there is a payment involved because everybody on KHC cannot be handled at the same time.

This programme is to prepare you for wedding, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to deal with every hindrance that might be and to position you for you God ordained spouse.

There are several things that can cause delay. Several. By the help of the Holy Spirit, we will be exploring every possible cause and dealing with them.

The 28 day programme includes specialized prayers, book study, fasting, attitude adjustments, dealing with sin problem, working on weaknesses, and so on.

As participants, I want to encourage you to go all the way. Sacrifice this time, connect with God and trust Him for a miracle this year! 

God is interested in your marriage. He has someone in mind for you!

By the grace of God, you will locate that person!

I hear wedding bells, I see good homes, I see God glorified in your life! 

Once again, Pastor Sophia and I welcome you to The Marital Breakthrough Programme.

We cannot wait to hear your testimonies!

Yours in Him
Pastor Dunamis Okunowo

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