Making The Most Of Your Time Together

As husband and wife our relationship is actually till death do us part. In other words we are stuck together for good. So, in the ideal sense we should just prepare ourselves to enjoy our lives together, period.

Let’s stop the blame game, the unforgiving spirit and those little tantrums we throw as couples.

I know it’s not easy. I also have been there.

I have thrown tantrums, I have been in unforgiving mode, I have fought and done the silent treatments. I have been misunderstood.

But you know what, when you look back at such behaviours and immaturity, you will see that it was not worth it.

We usually feel we have rights in marriage.

Well, we do have rights, but if we want our marriage to work out beautifully well, we must learn to forgo our rights atimes and swallow our pride.

We must learn not to yield to the flesh when dealing with our spouse.

Yielding to the flesh always work counter productive effects.

The flesh always work contrary to the Spirit.

Our spirit, recreated in Christ, will always seek for forgiveness, but our flesh will always seek for vengeance and revenge.

Each time we yield to our flesh rather than our spirit, we are not doing it God’s way.

Everybody at one time or another have yielded to the flesh before.

God does not condemn us but calls us to repentance so far as our repentance is genuine.

He also promised to help us anytime we are faced with situations beyond our control.

Many time I have asked the Holy spirit to help me and He has helped me beautifully well.

I wish I could say that each time I asked for help I did receive that help.

The help came quite alright but it was not the type I wanted or the way I wanted it.

So instead of receiving the help, I simply ignored it.

The Holy spirit will always send help to us.

Let us be careful to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and be quick to repent whenever we are convicted of any sin.

As we strive to do that we get better, more matured and our marriage becomes heaven on earth.

God bless your marriage

Confession of the day
My marriage is blissful. I enjoy days of heaven on earth.

Prayer of the day
Lord help me. Help my marriage

Thought of the day
Marriage is on earth so I have work at it while on earth.

Action plan
Do not yield to the works of the flesh

Bible reading
John 5

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