28 Days Of Marital Breakthrough

28 Days Of Marital Breakthrough

Marital Breakthrough
A 28 Day Journey Into God Towards Meeting Your Spouse

Your Wedding is Here

Get ready to wed! Marital Breakthrough Programme on KHC is born out of a strong need to minister, educate and position singles and waiting singles for their wedding and great marriage.

What Is Involved

The programme will span 28 days

It is a personal journey with singles, waiting singles for 28 days!
It is a comprehensive spiritual exercise including partial fasting, meditation, confession, prayers, character adjustment, deliverance, workbook sessions, one on one mentoring, and so many other things. You can check COURSE OUTLINE HERE

The goal is to touch every possible area where there are issues such that at the end of the programme, you are ready for some wedding dance!
It involves breaking of curses, if there are any, deliverance from sexual perversion, increasing self esteem and so many areas.

We will be working with some books as well.

By the end of 28 days, and by the help of the Holy Spirit, you will be ready for that marital breakthrough, you would have done all you know to do, and then God can do what He only can do!

You can be a part of this from anywhere in the world. The goal is that by end of the programme, you are all set before God for a marital breakthrough!

Ready to meet that special lover?

Purpose of Marital Breakthrough

As a counselor for many years, I have to listen to a lot of frustrations from singles who have delays or believe they have delays in getting married.

A lot more believe there is some curse somewhere or some diabolic powers working against them.

I have also been privilege to be used of God to pray with, guide and counsel a lot of singles who seemingly have delays but are now married to God’s glory!

While I will not deny the reality of demonic powers and operations in causing delays, a lot more are as a result of personal idiosyncrasies, character issues and immaturity.

With the help and direction of the Holy Spirit, we will be having the Marital Breakthrough Programme designed for singles and waiting singles.


While growing up, I’ve always had this desire to marry the right person and to have a blissful marriage and this made me look up to Pastor Bimbo Odukoya and her teachings a lot and this transcends to after her death. So, in 2012 when I saw a link to the KHC blog on Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation Page (PBOF) on Facebook, I clicked on it and from then till now, I’ve been following the blog.

Before I met Pastor Dunamis and Sophia, I read their devotional religiously everyday on the blog, took all the available courses then (they were free) and had so much to write in my journal from the teachings. This guided me a lot in my choice of my then fiancé (now husband). He was the first and only man I ever agreed to be in a relationship with.

Mr & Mrs Ogunbameru

You can’t follow God and choose wrongly. It can never happen. This continued till I was posted to Ibadan for my NYSC and I had cause to meet Pastor Dunamis and Sophia. I became actively involved in all the programmes and my fiancé was carried along in all of these teachings. From my courtship days and till now, I apply all I’ve learnt daily in my relationship and they worked and are still working for us.

Mr & Mrs Ogunbameru

We are 10 months married. We use the devotional (hard-copy and online) to study and pray daily after our personal times with God. The KHC blog has done me and my spouse alot of God and I can only thank Pastor Dunamis for coming to our lives when he did. I want to recommend The Marital Breakthrough Programme to you !

All glory be to God.

Who Is This Programme For?

For singles who want to prepare themselves for marriage

For waiting or senior singles who think there is a delay

For singles who think there are opposing forces, curses, lineage issues etc concerning settling down in marriage

For singles who are dealing with stubborn weaknesses in any area of life

For singles who want a radical change in their spiritual life

For singles who have issues studying bible, praying, fasting and reading books and want a change.

For singles who want attitude adjustments, character development and more.

For singles who want to do everything necessary to prepare themselves for marriage so that God can do only what He can do.

For singles who are ready to get married but nobody is showing up.

For singles who want deliverance from depression, low self esteem, weaknesses, sexual weaknesses and all others.

Your wedding will become a reality!

What Participants Are Saying

Excess Baggage Dropped
“Thank you so much Pastor, this program is indeed timely and has helped me a lot. I have shed and dropped a lot of excess baggage and unforgiveness so much that I feel a whole new kind of peace within me. I will testify in Jesus name.Glory be to God. Praise God!

Now, I Can Read, Study And Pray!
For me, I want to say that this program was just for me , I now have the appetite to read the bible, to pray, before I will buy or download a book , I will find it difficult to open it talk of reading them, but now it’s a different thing, am getting addicted to reading.
Before this time , I had a dream where pastor Faith Oyedepo tapped my shoulder and asked me to follow her, she led me to her office and sat me down and started telling me the importance of reading the bible, worship and fellowshipping with God , but still it was difficult to do, time after time God will remind me of the dream, I will promise myself to start doing all of them, I will see myself failing again and again, after joining this program, now I can pray, read, and study the word with so much zeal. Thank you so much Sir and am really grateful for this

Great Improvement!
Good morning sir I want to say a big thank you for this program apart from the fact that it has helped me improved in my reading I have also improved in my prayer life and am seeing the difference in my life. I can imagine the great change that would occur wen we are done with this program God bless you and Pastor Sophia, your ministry would grow from strength to strength

A Great Foundation!
I am so grateful for this program, it has given me great enlightenment and a realisation that it’s not enough to be fascinated and keep dreaming of the big day, however what we do while waiting matters a lot as always said ‘success comes when opportunity meets preparation’ , Therefore, its timely and well packaged to help us prepare.
I have personally gotten so much breakthrough in praying for this particular area of my life, through the prayer points and the verses that come along as they ignite my faith. This will help us make a great foundation as we prepare to enter into the institution of marriage.

Delay Road Closed!
I prayed the midnight prayer on the day we treated familiar spirits and as I slept I had a dream. In my dream I was about passing through a narrow road which has two opposite walls, normally I could pass but in the dream I couldn’t anymore and as I struggled to pass through, I heard a voice that said, “your prayers have closed it up, you can’t pass that road again.” Like I saw prayers written on both sides of the wall and that’s how I woke up to the glory of God. This is my year of marital breakthrough. God said it and I believe it, that settles it.

How To Register

These 28 Days of Intensive Marital Mentoring and Discipleship Programme will commence as soon as you are registered.  It comes with a cost of N7,000.

That way, we can be sure of your commitment all through. I am not interested in those who will abandon the programme half way.

We will be using a private page exclusive to only participants. Get ready for radical improvement spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise.

This programme will change your life and position you for that desired matrimony.

To Register from within Nigeria or outside Nigeria, use option below:

Deposit or Online Transfer

Guarantee Trust Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0150088032

Diamond Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0080369418

When Will I Begin?

The programme has been structured to work with your timing. Since it is a personal journey, you can start anytime. If you will like to participate, all you need to do is register using buttons above and then you will be able to begin by next day. Once payment is made, send a Whatsapp Message to Minister Sylvester on +234 818 415 1627. You will be given details and access

More Testimonials

I have being blessed also these past few days. The action plans are thought provoking , the confessions, prayers and bible verses are just awesome likewise the short books are very educative . Its just the 7th day. I am looking forward to the next 21 days. Thanks sir
Rece – South Africa

I have been following keenly sir. And every segment thus far has been really awesome sir. The three books we have read so far have been quite revealing and helpful indeed. The prayer sessions, daily confessions and mediation scriptures have just been on point for me. This program was indeed divinely arranged and I know if we all follow instructions here and yield to the Spirit of God, our testimonies will surely abound. God bless you sir for being a yielded vessel.
Joy, Nigeria

For the MB program, I have been enjoying everyday, the books are wonderful and God is finishing the good work He started in me, so I will be the wife he created me to be, so I can be found by my God given partner and I can also recognize him. I believe this is my year of completion.So I am excited and blessed to be a part of MB program. Thank you Pastor for making yourself available to do this possible world wide. God bless you and your ministry
Fatimah Almeida – The Netherlands

Your Facilitators:

Pastors.Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo

More Testimonials

The programme has greatly enlightened me about ‘the waiting period and that all I do within that period is very important. Not just prayers and trusting alone but also needful to set goals for my marital journey in life.I have also realized the need to prepare myself and be that helpmate God really want me to because the period of my waiting is really the period of preparation so as to be able to fulfill God’s mandate for my life/home/marriage/ministry.It has opened my eyes on the need to work on myself, character, spiritual life etc through the help of the Holy Spirit, mentors etc.Thank you sir, May God continue to bless, uphold and strengthen you, wife and entire team in Jesus name.

This Marital Breakthrough has awakened my spiritual perception. I feel so immune to sexual traps, unforgiving spirit, deception, anxiety, doubt, fear, bitterness and all ungodly attitudes. Questions in my heart have been answered regarding ‘every’ area of my life in the course of this program. Right now, I am better equipped for a marriage that is heaven on earth. Priscilla

This program has been quite revealing to me. Before now, I use to think I was fully prepared for wedding, but I know better now. The prayer sessions have shifted my prayer life to another level. My midnight prayers that I have been struggling with for awhile has been restored and I pray longer with ease. The daily scriptural meditations have been of great help, with God giving me deep revelations and insight different from what I knew before. Character flaws are dealt with. The books were so helpful. The question sessions were so on point.

I am humbled and broken by this program. I feel it’s designed for me alone, as I can see God gently addressing and making me a better person. God bless you and your family MOG, may God flourish you for accepting this divine call.

OR Make A Deposit/Online Transfer

Guarantee Trust Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0150088032

Diamond Bank
Kisses and Huggs Club, 0080369418


Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Husband of one. Father of Three. Mentor of thousands. Impact to nations. Addicted writer. Web Developer. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. Facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club. Follow on Instagram HERE

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  1. Odiba Ojochogwu Dorcas

    I have been having disappointment since 2013, I need God’s direction if the present person is the one. Thanks

  2. Pastor Sophia

    Dorcas, why not go through the marital break through programme.
    It is designed to answer all your questions.

    You need to walk with God to know this.
    A 28 days journey can solve a life time issue.

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