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Comprehensive ONLINE  PRE-MARITAL/MARRIAGE COUNSELING CLASSES To Prepare You For The Marriage Institution.

re/Wedding/Marriage Counseling Schoo

Enjoy extensive online classes on all areas of marriage you need to pay attention to before wedding.

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Get Access to Pre-Marital/Marriage Counseling Classes Now.  N50,000  N30,000




The pre-wedding classes are simply ideal for you if you are already in courtship looking forward to Wedding in the next few month or years.

It will help you to ask the right questions and adequately prepare you for wedding.

There are Eleven Modules in all! Classes include:

There are over fifty classes in all. Each class comes with assignments and discussions.

Module 1 

Introduction To Marriage Counseling 

Module 2 

What is Marriage?

Module 3 

All about Sex

Module 4

Marriage as a Covenant

Module 5  

What is Communication?

Module 6  

Character Development

Module 7  

Finances & Money

Module 8  

Cultivating a Strong Marriage

Module 9  

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Module 10 

Expressing Love In Marriage

Module 11  

Preparation For Marriage

Final Session  

Final Class (Video Chat With Counsellors)

Furthermore, Each of the 53 Lessons include:

1. Comprehensive Teaching

2. Assignments

3. Confessions

4. Action Plans

5. Questions to ask him

6. Questions to ask her

7. Books Downloads & Reading (On Relationship & Marriage)

8. Prayer Points

Get Access Now!

Get Access to Pre-Marital/Marriage Counseling Classes Now.  N50,000  N30,000


Pre/Wedding/Marriage Counseling School is for those who are getting ready to marry, those who are in courtship presently or newly wedded who had not undergone extensive marriage counseling and are having issues.

Let these lessons prepare you for marriage!

The lessons are even more appropriate for the couples-to-be who may be living apart or in a long distance relationship. As marriage counseling is a must, these lessons can be done online irrespective of distance.

The classes come with assignments and discussion points.

The lessons are also pivotal for those who may want to step up their counseling sessions and complement what they already done or are doing.

The lessons prepares the man for responsibility as a husband and head of the house while it prepares the wife for submission and completing her husband.

You will learn a lot of things that will truly be beneficial for you and your spouse-to-be.


 The Ogunbamerus

While growing up, I’ve always had this desire to marry the right person and to have a blissful marriage and this made me look up to Pastor Bimbo Odukoya and her teachings a lot and this transcends to after her death. So, in 2012 when I saw a link to the KHC blog on Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation Page (PBOF) on Facebook, I clicked on it and from then till now, I’ve been following the blog.

Before I met Pastor Dunamis and Sophia, I read their devotional religiously everyday on the blog, took all the available courses then (they were free) and had so much to write in my journal from the teachings. This guided me a lot in my choice of my then fiancé (now husband). He was the first and only man I ever agreed to be in a relationship with.

Pre/Wedding/Marriage Counseling School

You can’t follow God and choose wrongly. It can never happen. This continued till I was posted to Ibadan for my NYSC and I had cause to meet Pastor Dunamis and Sophia. I became actively involved in all the programmes and my fiancé was carried along in all of these teachings. From my courtship days and till now, I apply all I’ve learnt daily in my relationship and they worked and are still working for us.

Pre/Wedding/Marriage Counseling School

We’ve been married for a while. We use the devotional (hard-copy and online) to study and pray daily after our personal times with God. The KHC blog has done me and my spouse a lot of God and I can only thank Pastor Dunamis for coming to our lives when he did. I want to recommend Pre-wedding classes to you! All glory be to God.

Mr & Mrs Ogunbameru

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Get Access to Pre-Marital/Marriage Counseling Classes Now.  N50,000  N30,000


 The Onukwues

Growing up, one of my greatest fears was in the area of marriage. That was because I came from a dysfunctional family, and all the marriages I knew was hell for the female gender.

Fast forward to 2016, I met Rev Dunamis and Rev Sophia when I joined Shouts of Grace Center as a final year student of the University of Ibadan. Prior to that, I had never heard of them or had a clue that a ministry could be devoted to relationship and marriage.

When I joined the church, I was also introduced to the Kisses and Huggs Club daily devotionals and monthly meetings. I was also gifted the hardcopy devotionals which I used daily.

Knowing and being a part of the KHC family has transformed my life immensely. 

Pre/Wedding/Marriage Counseling School

When I was finally found by my darling husband — who also is a devote member of the club, we opted to take the marriage counselling course on the website. We couldn’t think of any other place to find original and well thought out materials tailored towards a successful marriage.

It was the best decision we ever made for the foundation of our marriage.

I still had some fears even at that time, but taking the course broke the hold of fear in my mind for good. I can say we were transformed into covenant partners at that point

Today we are happily married and grateful to God and Rev Dunamis & Sophia for yielding to the call.

Pre/Wedding/Marriage Counseling School

Are you preparing to get married? My husband and I recommend the online course for you. It’s going to be a seed you need rooted in your marriage garden in years to come. 

Love from Elizabeth and Sylvester ONUKWUE

Get Access Now!

Get Access to Pre-Marital/Marriage Counseling Classes Now.  N50,000  N30,000

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