Marriage Is Work

For your marriage to work, both spouse must be committed to it.

No matter how you try to involve a third party or get counsel from a spiritual head, it still leaves you with the responsibility of working out your marriage.

At a point in our marriage, hubby and I were so preoccupied, house chores were heaped up and the house untidy. Several times, we tried to fix the house, we could do but little because we gave more attention to other things.

At some point, we called for assistance to clean up the house but we realized that as relieving as it was, the person could not do everything as desired- there was restriction to our inner chamber which needed attention as well.We made out time and determined to clean up the house even when it was not convenient.

The Holy spirit used this scenario to teach us basic principles that makes a marriage work.

Help is good, seeking counsel is not out of place either, but it is your sole responsibility to make your marriage work!

“Lady wisdom build a lovely home, Sir fool comes along and tears it down brick by brick (Proverb 14:1 MSG)”.

It takes a Lady wisdom and Sir wisdom (not sir fool) to make a successful marriage.

And wisdom in marriage can be displayed as;

1. When both spouse decide and determine to work things out in their marriage. You must know the needs in your marriage and be ready to pay the price!

2. Commitment to your spouse and your home which builds your marriage.

3. Don’t rest responsibility on your spouse, marriage is team work and your best team mate is your partner.

The spirit of marriage has never outgrown love, sacrifice and dedication.
Best marriage is an experience of two determined lovers not two married people.

Your marriage will continue in its state of rest (where and when you stop building) until an external force (wisdom, commitment, sacrifice, determination…) impacts on it.Your marriage will be as beautiful, peaceful and organized as your heart is.

Little wonder that the Bible says: as a man thinketh in his heart so he is.
You don’t have to settle for a scattered marriage when you have what it takes to make it successful. Just a little more and a little more effort will fix your home.

I am a blessing in my marriage!

Lord, I receive grace to build a joyous and victorious marriage

Proverbs 14:1 (NET)
Every wise woman builds her household, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

Resolve to work out your dream home

Genesis 24

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