Marriage Mistakes You Should Never Make

Mistakes in life are inevitable. They are often made out of ignorance or carelessness and may be sometimes costly leading to missed opportunities, loss of life, relationships and/or properties.

So today, we’ll be discussing some marriage mistakes that can be avoided in order to make marriage sweeter and safer to abide in.

Marriage mistakes you should avoid include:

1. Leaving God out of your marriage.
Marriage is first of all God’s idea and leaving him out of your plans and choices is like a phone developing a fault and you then take it to a plumber for repair. You definitely do not have the phone’s interest at heart when you do that.
This applies to marriage too. God should be your only resolution not the last.

2. Keeping other unhealthy relationships.
In marriage, couples are not expected to keep friends with someone the other spouse is not comfortable with.

Any friendship with anyone other than with your spouse that makes your husband/wife feel threatened should be totally done with.

3. Having friends that cannot tell you the truth.
You don’t need too many friends in life. Even if all you have are two people that are trustworthy, it is OK.
There is no point keeping too many friends that will not be able to tell you the truth and spur you to your better self always.

Moreover, you have the ultimate Friend, the Holy Spirit.
Invest in your friendships and trust God’s help.

4. Seeing your spouse as a competition and not a partner.
By actions and even words, a lot of couples are competing with each other rather than reinforcing and working together.

As a married person, you should not make choices or plans without the knowledge of your husband or wife. It is your spouse first before anyone else.

It should not be your mother telling your husband or wife that you have started a building project.
Your husband should not be told outside of your recent promotion at work, your wife should be in the know of your plans and choices.

5. Don’t shut off your spouse.
A lot of times, couples address each other without considering the emotions of their partners. Good communication is a plus to marriage.

Rather than shutting up your spouse, allow him/her speak. Let him/her be free in expressing their opinions.

Allow free show of emotions in your marriage.
Let your marriage bloom.
Your marriage is your priority.

My marriage is like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. (Isaiah 58:11)

Father, I ask that you will help us to avoid unnecessary mistakes that will cost our marriage in Jesus name (Amen)

Your marriage is your priority, don’t make it a second option

Stop every habit that will mar your marriage today.

Ephesians 1

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