Meeting The Needs Of Your Wife – Part 2

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We stated yesterday that each person has needs and marriage was instituted by God to contain those needs.

These needs can be effectually expressed and met in marriage. We also established that your wife has a legal right to her needs being met by her husband. A responsible husband will seek to always meet his wife’s needs.

The needs are:

1. The Need for Affection.
I explained this yesterday. Women are emotional beings and so have needs to affectionate toward them.

2. Need for ‘covering’ or ‘headship’.
Every woman no matter how brilliant, exposed, sociable, smart, rich, independent, etc. still needs a covering over her. This need is expressed in her need for security, someone to protect and defend her.

3. Her jeru trip needs.
Even though women don’t have as much need for jeru trip intimacy like men, their jeru trip needs means a whole lot to them.  To women, intimacy is sacred and special. This need has to be met.

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4. Her Material needs.
Women no doubt love anything that Blings. They love shinny things and are thrilled with gifts. Every woman has more shoes than an average man. Think of cloud combos. I seem not to get tired of all manners of colors of shoes and jewelries. That’s just being a woman. A good husband will try and meet these needs without necessarily shaming his wife. Although contentment should be our watch dog.

5. Need for a friend and good listener.
A wife speaks far more words in a day than her husband. No matter how many friends a wife has, she still longs for the friendship of her husband ultimately. The Husband should try and be there to befriend his wife.  Meeting these needs keep love confined within the marriage and prevent distractions.

When the husband meets his wife’s needs, she feels loved and contented.

God bless our marriage.


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I am not selfish. I am considerate of my wife.

Lord help us in our marriage to kill every form of selfishness that destroys our unity

Ecc 4:9 (KJV)
9 Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

I will take time to meet the needs of my wife because I am a responsible husband

Jas 2

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