Mood Swings In Marriage

Mood Swings In Marriage

Like the word clearly represents, it is the unstable state of the minds which has to do with unpleasant expressions of the countenance.

Our moods are generally how we feel, expressed on our countenance. It usually has its root in unpleasant thoughts going on in the mind.

These thoughts could be a feeling of animosity, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, strife, anger, a low self worth, unhappiness, etc

These feelings must always have someone or something as the object of animosity.

What happens is that the devil controls the mind or thoughts of the individual, feeding him/her with all sorts of negative thoughts and then controls the moods.

The person is usually not happy or excited about life or anything.

He/she is busy finding faults, criticizing, getting hurt and usually, these are done internally.

The danger it poses to marriage is that all the productive ideas of this person is reduced to zero.

If it is the husband, then he losses the ability to be an effective head providing leadership for his family. He finds it hard to love his wife.

It is impossible to love and be moody at the same time.

In fact, it is impossible for him to, because he is busy in a struggle with himself and his thoughts are focused in the wrong place.

The same thing happens if it is the wife that is moody. She loses the ability of an help-meet and becomes as rottenness in the bone of the husband.

Pro 12:4
A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

Pro 14:30
A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

Moodiness is a thing of the heart. Actually, it is a sickness of the heart, which translates to rottenness of the bones.

With rottenness, there is no movement, no progress, no victory. Every form of advancement is halted because there is a rottenness of the bone.

Moodiness actually eats up the bones gradually.

It is an attempt of the devil to ground the glorious destiny and make the person unable to fulfill purpose in life.

If you know you are given to mood swings, know that it is an attempt of the devil to snuff life out of you and reduce your potentials to zero.

Mood swing can be demonic and must be handled with all seriousness.

Here are steps that will help you deal with mood swings

1. It can lead into sin. The instability of the mind can lead to unwise decisions.

2. Denounce all forms of attachment to any demonic strong hold in your life causing mood swing.

3. Stand your ground against the devil causing the mood swings.

4. Avoid situations that fuels these negative moods.

5. Nip mood swings in the bud before it becomes full blown.

6. Use God’s word as a weapon to combat and deal with mood swings.

7. Rejoice in your victory and take practical steps to guard against moodiness.

It is important you deal with this as it has tremendous and adverse effect on marriage.

God bless your marriage

Confession of the day
I have victory over mood swings. I fulfill my destiny.

Prayer for the day
Lord, I ask for the help of the Holy Spirit in dealing with mood swings.

Thoughts of the day
Pro 14:30 A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

Action plan
Take the steps to dealing mood swings in marriage

Bible reading
John 14

Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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  1. Abiodun

    My mood is controlled by the holy spirit, I rejoice always. Amen. Blessed as always, thanks ma

  2. Titilayo

    Some people have bipolar disorder and it affects their marriage so much. Holy Spirit, pls intervene in Jesus name.
    I have victory over mood swing and I fulfil my destiny always in Jesus name.

    1. Pastor sophia

      Yes, you are right. It really does affect marriages alot.

      Amen to your prayers.

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