My Children Are Wise And Intelligent

Pro 13:1 Intelligent children listen to their parents; foolish children do their own thing.

All parents wants their children to be obedient and listen to them. How embarrassing it is for a mother or father to give an instruction only to be flouted by the child.

The parents of such a child feel disgraced especially if its in public.
The joy of a parent knows no bound if he talks and the child does it, trusting the parent’s judgement.

Let’s pray that starting from this new month, God will grant us grace to give the right discipline to our children.

Lets decree and declare:
My children are wise and intelligent by bible standard to listen to me. They are not carried away by the world’s standard of disobedience to parents. They don’t just do their own thing in Jesus name.

  • Doyinsola Fatokunbo says:


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