My Dear, Will You Be There For Me?

My Dear, Will You Be There For Me?

Up until very recently, I was pouring out my heart to one of my dear best friends (yh I have about three… take it or leave it… lol).

I was lamenting on why I feel I did not have the capacity to carry out a particular task and how I just wished the cup will pass over me. But the reply was ‘keep doing it… You are good at it’!

There and then it dawned on me that ‘wow, this can be related to how God wants a relationship to be like’.

Who are you in a relationship with? Is the person an encourager or one who pulls down?

Can you be sure to admit your mistakes around him/her and you won’t be hearing it from your neighbors?

Is the lady the kind of woman who will tell the whole world how you are not able to buy her Brazilian weave just because you had a misunderstanding?

Is the guy the one who will tell his friends all he has been doing for you just because he asked for something you could not give him at the moment?

James 5:16 (NLT) says Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Is that individual unable to carry both the weight and the glory that comes with the ‘you’ package?

Will he slap you at any slight provocation?

Will she lock your shirt at any little misunderstanding?

Will he shout you down in public or use your own scar to abuse your entire generation? You know the kind of insult that even your ancestors in the grave will say ‘haha?’

Will she defend your honour with her family members and her friends?
Now do you know the most important thing God wants for us in our relationship? It is that we be an extension of heaven…a place where He comes freely to fellowship.

When you are at your lowest ebb (those times when you are finding it difficult to pray, study your bible or even be motivated to do anything at all), will he/she be there for you?

Is your partner your prayer partner or your prayer point only? Can God say ‘don’t worry son, it is settled…your spouse discussed it with me yesterday’
Will your partner be able to stand in the gap for you?

Will he be able to echo the voice of God (the lover of your soul) back to you?

Will she be able to say to you ‘we are coming out of this because this is what the word of the Lord says’?

No doubt the Bible encourages us to be strong but even Moses had a Joshua to hold up his hand in time of war, Paul had a Timothy, David had a Samuel, Barak had a Deborah and even Jesus had Moses and Elijah comfort him at a very crucial moment of His life!

Psalms 42:7 (NIV) says Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;…
So who are you allowing into your inner circle? Don’t let mere feelings blind your eyes… Eve was not just flesh to Adam, she was also bone to him!

Much more than the container, what is the content? Who are you in love with or better still what kind of lover are you too?

I am a man/woman of substance to my spouse

Lord help me to build capacity to grow deep in you

You cannot give what you do not have. What value do you have?

are you still of the opinion that relationship/marriage is just child’s play? What are those things you think you still need to work on?

James 5

Jesupelumi Olley

Jesus baby: His beloved: Battle axe of the Father #thegospelistheonlytruth

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  1. Boluwatife

    Lord help me to build capacity to grow deep in you

  2. Prince

    Make me a better partner for my spouse….

    1. Babalola Omorinade

      I’m a woman of substance to my spouse. Amen

      1. Oluwakemi Yetunde Taiwo

        Help me Lord to build capacity and make me a woman of substance to my spouse.

  3. Ibukun

    Dear Lord,
    Please help me to be a better partner

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