My Shortest Relationship Story Was Actually Too Long

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That is my life’s story.
I was in a relationship; it was a toxic one, but I didn’t know it till I was stung!

It all started on a particular night, and ended on that same night. The shortest relationship story ever, I guess… lol.
How did we meet?

I had attended a conference on that fateful day.
It was nightfall and I was in a room with some friends, about Our Father’s business, when…

A small insect perched on my left thumb.
I could have killed it immediately, or at least ‘kicked’ it away with my other finger… but no!
I decided to see what manner of insect it was…
I desired to feel it better before killing it…
So I held on to it.
But that turned to be my undoing!

Before I could examine it for about two seconds, it had already sunk its fangs into my flesh, and given me the sting of my life… and off it flew!
The pain was sharp and intense!
“I could have killed you immediately!” I bemoaned.

That’s the story of my toxic relationship with the insect… hehehe.
I know you initially thought it was with a homo sapiens… hahahaha (I’m in my house; come and beat me… 😂😂😂)

But there’re very great lessons to draw from my experience o.

When you notice an issue in your life, deal with it immediately!
I wanted to admire the insect for some time before squeezing it to death, but I held onto it for too long, and I suffered for it!

You have noticed a particular sin in your life, but you’re still holding onto it…
You desire to enjoy it today, and kill it tomorrow… but remember, it could sting you before tomorrow!

People have been talking to you about your anger issues; but you use it to score some cheap points in your relationship, so you’re deferring dealing with it now. You enjoy using it as a tool for emotional blackmail against your partner.
My brother/sister, please deal with that anger issue now, before it deals with you… before it stings you!

The Spirit of God has brought up that issue of lying to you, but you’re deferring dealing with it now. You want to make money through the lying today, and then you can repent when you graduate from the university.
“Times are hard, and man must survive,” you tell yourself.
Remember, lying could sting you to death before you graduate; deal with it today!

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As you’re dancing with these issues that you ought to be dealing with, God will just be looking at you and noting that you’re not yet ready for Him to bring your partner into your life.
And you will be here wondering why people are looking at you, but no one seems to be seeing you… lol.

You’re in an abusive (physical and/or emotional) relationship.
Please let go, before it stings you to death.

You’ve been touching and you’re being touched… kissing and being kissed…
You’re enjoying the feeling, but beware of the sting o!
That you’re about to wed and already planning your wedding and marriage is not a licence to engage in these… for only marriage lifts the ban!
About to wed’ is not the same as ‘Just wedded’

“Can you carry fire against your chest without burning your clothes?
Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet?”
Proverbs 6:27-28 GNT

You cannot o! Deal with these issues now, before they burn you to death!
As I write now, my heart is heavy with the story of a man who is meant to be a dispenser of Light, but who didn’t deal with his sexual issues, and they are stinging him right now.

So stop pampering those sins now… stop giving excuses for them now… otherwise they will pull down your house tomorrow, and great will be the fall.
[Watch out for some ways to deal with some of those issues in the comment box. If you’ve dealt with a particular issue – be it lust, lying, pornography, fornication, etc – or know some practical ways to deal with these things, please share with us in the comment session. Your story may be someone’s solution!]

Finally, that I didn’t know that the insect wasn’t a friendly one didn’t prevent me from suffering from its sting!

That you are ignorant of certain elements of (and knowledge about) relationships won’t shield you from suffering the consequences.
That ‘you don’t know’ is not an excuse; you will still suffer the pains of the sting when you ‘hold onto the insect.’
That’s the reason you must seek knowledge!
That’s the reason you must yearn to know more!
Read books.
Listen to messages.
Attend conferences.

Have you seen the reason you should come for this year’s KHC camp-meeting?
I hope to see you there… I would love to.
Let me hope you’re also hoping to see me too… hehehe.

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I deal with any issue in my life

Let Your purifying fire burn in me LORD!

What you don’t deal with now will deal with you the next second.

Take some practical steps to deal with whatever issue God is bringing up in your heart.

Proverbs 6:12-35

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  • OGB says:


    Almost always, sin thrives because, if we tell ourselves the truth, somewhere somehow we enjoy those sins.
    Yes, that sin may be thriving in you because there’s a part of you that enjoys the feeling or fruits of the sin.

    So the first place we can start in dealing with this issue of sin (I’m standing on the foundation that we’ve already accepted the Life of God through believing in Jesus Christ) is to take a clue from the Life of Jesus on earth.

    The Scripture says He was tempted in ALL ways as we are, yet without sin (Hebrews 4:15).
    That means there must be a way He did it!

    One of the ways He did it is found in Hebrews 1:9.
    Jesus did not just love righteousness, He also HATED iniquity!
    He understood that to triumph over sin, He must kill that desire somewhere in Him that is pleased with that sin.

    So He HATED iniquity!

    So we must start praying hatred of iniquity into our members (body) if we desire triumph.
    Such that when that temptation comes against you, it meets a strong wall of hatred!

    Have you really gotten angry about pornography, or you still somehow somewhere enjoy the sin?

    Have you gotten angry about your anger issue, or you still somehow somewhere enjoy the fruits?

    Pray anger against iniquity into your soul today.
    Let’s pray

    [Keep watching this space for more steps. Also share with us your own insights; your insight may be someone’s saviour]

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I deal with any issue in my life. And yes sir, I am hoping to see you at camp meeting.

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