My Spouse Is Beautiful

My Spouse Is Beautiful

Yes, I am beautiful and so is my spouse.
We all are beautiful to behold but this beauty is many times beclouded by many other things that we don’t see it in our significant other.

As couples, we constantly need to work towards bringing out the best in our spouses. Only through this can we see the true beauty that lie within them. This requires some efforts and this morning, we will be looking at ways we can bring out the true beauty in our beloved.

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. (Ephesians 5:22,25 KJV)

According to the Scripture above, the primary need of the woman is love and the primary need of the man is respect.
This does not go on to say a man does not need love or the woman does not need respect but the degree/level at which both expresses them differs.

So, how do I bring out the beauty in my spouse?

1. Pray for and with him/her.
It is such an amazing feeling to be assured of someone standing in the gap for and with you in the place of prayers. It is such a powerful weapon in marriage.
When you genuinely pray for someone, your heart naturally softens towards the person and you will be drawn to the person with love. This is also true with married couples.
Praying for your spouse also helps you focus in the right direction in your marriage.

If you’ve not been praying for your husband or wife daily, you need to consciously cultivate this habit.
Thank God for his/her gift in your life, ask God to keep them in the right path, pray for daily ordering of his/her steps. Pray for them and ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit while praying.

2. Compliment your partner often.
When last did you tell your wife how beautiful and appealing she looks? Did you even notice the last hairstyle she made or complimented the dress she wore the last time?
Dear wife, have you ever commented on how nice he looks or smells? Or you think only you should receive the compliments?
Good words go a long way in marriage and as couples, there is need to compliment each other as much as possible.

3. Encourage each other in pursuit of your dreams.
Be your spouse’s greatest cheerleader, that’s why you are partners in the first place. Be interested in his/her dreams and let them know you have their back anytime, any day.

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Your husband is not another competitor, your wife is not an opponent. Dare to support each other’s dreams.
Be a huge force in making sure your spouse achieve his dreams and all that God has called him to be.

4. Boast about him/her often.
How proud are you of your spouse and his/her achievements? How often do you express this?
Sing praises of your spouse’s strength and how much of an asset he/she is to you. Tell him how proud you are to be his wife and tell her how blessed you are to be the number one person in her life.
This should not be a one-off thing. You should do that often and whether or not he/she is there.

5. Be a listener.
Every human loves attention and as couples, there is need to give this consciously and intentionally and not just see it as a necessity. It is important to factor in our spouses in our day to day activities and be ready to listen to them. Try to have a good conversation with your beloved constantly.

When we commit to doing these points highlighted and more, we consciously restore peace in our homes and this will in turn bring out the beauty in our lovers.

Our homes are continually blessed. (Amen).

Happy new month.

My spouse is a beautiful treasure. He/she continually radiates God’s beauty..

Father, help me to see my spouse the way you see him/her. Help me to celebrate and appreciate the beauty you have deposited in them (Amen)

Wives, submit to your husbands…Husbands, love your wives.

Plan a date night together and use this time to talk about the good things you admire about your spouse.

Numbers 13

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Mrs Oluwatoyin Ogunbameru

Oluwatoyin is a wife, teacher and a lover of God. She loves to see people living their lives in the most amazing way, thereby becoming useful to one another.

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