Overcoming Delay Course


In this COURSE, you will discover:
Why there are Delays
Why delay May not really be a delay
More Reasons Why There Are Delays
What to do when there are delays
Why Men Delay
How to Break The Yokes Of Delay
When There Is a Delay
The Secret to Answered prayers in times of delay
Prayers For Overcoming Delays
And More…


There are several people out there who are experiencing one form of delay or the other. There are singles whose issues have to do with the fact that no suitors are showing up.

There are those who have suitors showing up, but never materializing into marriage. There are those who are married but are still waiting on God for the fruit of the womb.

There are also people who have brought one type of delay or the other on themselves because of outright disobedience or some form of disconnection from God. But there are even those who have stayed faithful to God and yet there is a delay.

This COURSE deals with what delays are in a marriage, how to handle them, and how to overcome them. It gives a scriptural perspective to overcoming delays and receiving the best from God.


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