Red Flags in Relationships

Red Flags in Relationships

So I went for a speaking engagement over the weekend, and you would be amazed at things people are going through.

These things can be avoided and your steps retraced once you point them out. If you notice these things while courting, and then go ahead into the marriage, then you would have yourself to blame.

Bible says in Mat 12:35 KJV
A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

You cant expect otherwise!
The Bible has said it all. If they are good inside, then you would see good fruits. But if evil, that’s what they produce. Don’t expect anybody to change overnight. You are not the holy spirit. If they had it in them, then Marriage would expose it more.

Don’t say but Pastor, I thought he would change, he was not like this before.

What are these RED Flags

1. An addicted liar

As in, its so bad that both of you know that he is lying when he talks, or speaking to you and you just laugh it off.

I remember in School days, there was this guy that was after me. Anytime I remember his story, he just makes me laugh.
I would ask him; Bayo ‘why are you just coming by this time? Then he goes on and on and on. After he is done, I look at him, and we both laugh.
You see, we both knew he was lying.

But I also knew, that this was not the type of person to settle down with.
My dear, it’s a no go area. If he can lie to you in your face, how would it be better in Marriage?

The fact that he can lie to you means
a. He doesn’t fear, know or respect God.
b. Trust would be affected.
c. Marriage will be built on a bed of lies.

Is that what you want???

2. A Womanizer

He flirts and takes interest in women even in your presence. He tells you that, yes he has other girls, but you are the one he will marry. He begins to quote bible that even Solomon had many wives. Eventually he marries you.
You too then tell yourself, so far I am the wife at home, that’s fine. Really?

Is this God’s plan for you?

He does it so bad that he starts bringing the girls home. You are treating and jumping from one infection to another. Then you begin to complain. But you saw all this before hand.

Ladies, please run when you see all these. It’s not that Bad. There are still God chosen vessels out there for you.

Marriage is not to be endured but ENJOYED.

To be Continued.

I will enjoy My Marriage.

Father, Help me to make the right Choice.

Why Suffer when God can give you the Best?

Run away from Red flags when you see them!

Matthew 12:33-45

Mrs Fehintola Ganiyu

Mrs Fehintola Ganiyu is a lover of God, and a lover of his people who believes in God's love for humanity.

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    Marriage is enjoyable therefore, I will enjoy my marriage. God bless you ma.

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    Father, please help me to make the right choice in Jesus name

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    Father! Help me to make the right choice

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    Father pls help me make d right choice

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    God bless you ,bless kisses and huggs ministry, bless dad and mum duanmis IJN

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    God has the best for me as always

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