September 2019 – KHC Monthly Partners Letter

September 2019 – KHC Monthly Partners Letter

Dear Partner,

Happy New Month!
 It’s a September to Remember! Welcome to a new month, the month of September. 

It’s the month of birth. In the natural, the baby has no choice but to come forth! But we also know that the natural takes its cue from the spiritual. 

What this portends is that miracles, blessings and great things will be birthed in this new month. I am specially praying for all KHC Partners, something great and big will be your experience in this month of September in the name of Jesus. 

As you have partnered with us, God will partner with you in the name of Jesus! Expect a bountiful harvest this month! Psa 107:37 (MSG)  They sowed the fields, they planted vineyards, they reaped a bountiful harvest. So shall it be in Jesus name. We are praying for all our partners from all over the world! 

God bless you. If you will like to be a KHC partner or you just want to sow a one-time seed, it’s so easy. Go HERE

I pray that God will bless every seed sown, as always in Jesus name!

We love you big!
Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo
Kisses and Huggs Club

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