Setting Right Your Priorities In The Eight Month

Setting Right Your Priorities In The Eight Month

Sade is a successful woman is her late twenties. She has almost everything going for her. She’s got a good paying job, a nice luxurious house, even a cool car, but isn’t in a relationship and pressures are coming mostly from her parents who want to be grandparents.

She never really saw the need to involve God in anything.
There was no need to hear His voice since it seemed everything was working, but now that no guy was approaching her, she is starting to see the need to involve God.

We live in a generation where people are not really interested in cultivating the habit of hearing God’s voice. They become interested when it comes to critical issues like the choice of a spouse or when something goes awfully wrong.

It is best termed as “using God as a spare tire”

When things are good and favorable, we don’t see a need to involve God but when things are not favorable, we start crying out to God, then when things get alright we forget God again and the cycle continues.

This reminds me so much about the children of Israel in the book of Judges.

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As believers, the time you seek or desire to hear His voice alone should not be when it seems like there is a potential brother or sister that you just want to confirm from God if he/she is the right one. Our conversations with God should not only revolve around him solving problems when they come up.

God desires a relationship with us. He wants to speak to us. He wants us to have a close relationship with Him.

Everyday should be an opportunity to speak to him. This is how we get to know God speaks specifically to us.

God speaks through dreams to some people.
I’ve even heard of people that had visions of their spouse before they met physically.

We don’t get to choose how we want God to speak to us.

Don’t try to force God to speak to you through dreams if not, the enemy would take advantage of that.

One way He speaks to every believer is through the “inner witness”

He also speaks to every believer through His word. A believer that is full of the word cannot be easily manipulated by the enemy that comes disguised as an angel of light.

Get full of the word, let it dwell richly in you. Meditate on it day and night. Don’t only study the word when things are not working. It should be a daily habit.

I pray God grants us more understanding.

It’s my prayer that this month, the eighth month, God will do a new thing that will cause you to forget the former things.

He will make a way in the desert and rivers in the dry land.

Have a beautiful day

I practice God’s presence daily.

Father, grant me the grace to be consistent in the place of the word and prayers.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. (Colossians 3:16 KJV)

Make up your mind to be consistent

Psalms 119

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  1. Jesupelumi

    I practice God’s presence daily

  2. OGB

    I practice God’s presence daily

  3. Bamise Adeseun

    Father grant me the grace to be consistent in the place of the word and prayers!

  4. John Oluwawalemi

    I receive the grace to be consistent, I dont use God as a spare tire

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