Signs That Your Marriage Needs Help

God has created all of us to need help. We all at one point in time need God’s help.

In fact, we need His help every minute. I can’t survive one day without His help.

We should always come back to God to ask for His Help. Help in our finances, marriage, raising godly children, our jobs, businesses, career, health etc

So, that your marriage needs help is not something to be ashamed of.

In fact, I think it is pride to think you are so good, you dont need help.

Psa 25:15 GNB

I look to the LORD for help at all times, and he rescues me from danger.

We all need Help!! That is why we are human and that is why God is God.

I said all that to make you comfortable enough to seek help.

If your marriage needs help and you don’t know you need help, you are short changing yourself.

God is an expect at rescuing from danger. There are marital dangers. God will rescue us.

There are no self made people or self made marriages. We are all a products of the help of God.

The issue is knowing the right place to seek the help. God came down to earth in Jesus and left us the Holy Spirit to help us.

He also helped us by giving us His servants. Humble yourself and receive God’s help in His servants.

When you find yourself in these situation, your marriage needs help.

Delayed help could be dangerous.

Here are signs, you need help:

  1. There is constant quarrels between you and your spouse.
  2. Your husband or you are always bossy and find it hard to act gently.
    Every thing is done with force.
  3. You are not friends or seem to have lost your friendship.
  4. Your happy days and moments were in the past and you can’t point to any happy moments.
  5. You don’t have much to talk about except for necessary things.
  6. You have resolved to keeping secrets and keeping things from each other.
  7. You no longer see your spouse as your confidant and partner.
  8. Malice, strife and unforgiveness is very normal in your marriage.
  9. You cheat on each other without any form of remorse.
  10. You no longer enjoy and look forward to sexual relationship and pleasure with your spouse.
  11. You enjoy jeru trip with others and not your spouse.
  12. You can’t respect, submit or love your spouse.
  13. Your spouse has hurt you so much and done things so bad to you, you can’t forgive him/her.
  14. There is so much insincerity, hypocricy and pretence in your marriage.
  15. Your spouse is full of suspitions. Your spouse suspect evry move you make. Trust has been eroded from your marriage.
  16. You secretly lust after other men and women and your spouse does not have any idea you are dealing with such.

I might not have mentioned your situation but you will know when your marriage needs help. Help to put you back where you belong.

God bless our marriages.

I receive needed and relevant help from my heavenly Father.

Lord, help me not to suffer in silence but seek relevant help.

Ask God to stir up your heart to seek help where you have need of it.

Psa 28:2 GNB:Hear me when I cry to you for help, when I lift my hands toward your holy Temple.

Ps 20 and Isa 50

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