Sleep To Bring Your Lover

Sleep To Bring Your Lover

Do you know that it takes your sleeping to bring the right lover?
Ah! You are wondering how right?

See this:
And the Lord God caused a DEEP SLEEP TO FALL UPON ADAM, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;  And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, MADE HE A WOMAN, AND BROUGHT HER UNTO THE MAN.  (Genesis 2:21-22 KJV)

Did you see that?
It was time to bring Adam’s lover to him. And Adam went into a frenzy, searching around for she that was meant for him.

But he found none suitable for him!

It may be time for you to marry… and like Adam, you may have been searching everywhere, and found no one.   You have lost your peace… you have become anxious.  You have lost your confidence/faith in God (and in His promises)… you have allowed the fear that you will not likely get married pervade every part of your being.

“Where is my lover?” You cry yourself to sleep every night. And wake up the next day with the same cry.  You are at the verge of losing it… you are quietly but quickly sliding into depression!

Stop right there my friend!

Follow me as we draw some lessons from the first man that got married… Adam.

Notice it was God that certified it was time for Adam to get his lover.  So God may have told you it’s time to get married. Fine. We will come back to it.
Notice again that Adam did not see his lover till he fell into a deep sleep.

For me, being awake signifies being ANXIOUS, while being asleep signifies being at REST. When you are awake, there are high chances you would interfere with the process.  That God told you this is the year your lover will come to you doesn’t translate to, “Get anxious and start searching frantically!”

Quite on the contrary, that promise of God should actually bring you to the place of rest, where you are doubly sure that God is working out something for you… that God is putting finishing touches on your lover, and bringing him/her to you.

And therefore you take rest.
That promise of God should put you to sleep… to rest
It is in that place of rest that you can accurately discern your right lover when he/she appears.

See this:
For thus says the Lord God , the Holy One of Israel: “In RETURNING and REST you shall be saved; In QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE shall be your strength.” But you would not

Isaiah 30:15 NKJV
Your salvation in the area of marriage lies in you RETURNING (being found in God always) and taking REST in God

Your strength to hold on and receive the promise of God lies in not losing your QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE.
Don’t allow the things your five natural senses can perceive to make you lose any of these virtues
My sister/brother, sleep to bring your lover!

Sleeping doesn’t translate to running home after service in Church without exchanging pleasantries with people.

Taking rest is not equal to not being in platforms that bring you in contact with the right set of people.
Go for that Church youth picnic.
Join that group that meets every week to visit orphanages.
Be involved.

Taking rest is more of a matter of the heart first.
Is your heart anxious, and always seeing every one as a potential lover?
Then you are not at rest.
Take rest, and always get involved in platforms, and your lover will not tarry.

Let’s pray.

Ogbonnaya Akpoke

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    Am blessed with this. Thank you sir. Time to fall into sleep and take rest in God.

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    Wow,Thank you sir and may GOD continue to strengthen you.

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