Staying Through The Process

Still looking at the story of David, here is another lesson I want us to learn.

Prov 22:29 (KJV) Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

Regardless of the prevailing decadence in the society, the scriptures cannot be broken.

We are in a time where it seems diligence is no longer celebrated as it ought. We are in a season where everybody wants to make it fast. No one wants to go through the process. Everyone wants a get rich quick scheme.

Have you observed those who win huge amounts of money, or those who suddenly gets into an influential position? They don’t last because they never went through the process.

When God wants to make his selection, he goes for those who have gone through the process. He doesn’t go for the Eliab or Abinadab who pride on positions alone.

This was evident when Samuel came to anoint David. David was no where to be found. He was long forgotten in the bush. In fact, at that point, David didn’t exist. Samuel asked Jesse to bring all his sons and surprisingly, David wasn’t called. Can you imagine?

Perhaps you are like David, you feel rejected, neglected, used and abused. You’ve been cheated, gone through all forms of abuse, abandoned and discarded.

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People have written you off. Your parents have given up on you. The society has closed its gate against you. Men are not looking at you. Ladies are running away from you.

I just want to tell you this; stay where you are.

David was sent to the field and when they came to look for him, they found him there.

1 Sam 16:11 KJV And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all thy children? And he said, There remaineth yet the youngest, and, behold, he keepeth the sheep. And Samuel said unto Jesse, Send and fetch him: for we will not sit down till he come hither.

Hear me, some people will not sit until you are married. Some people will be discomforted until that breakthrough comes to you. Some people will remain restless until you are lifted. But all that is dependent on you.

Imagine if he wasn’t on the field. The whole selection process would have taken longer than necessary. Samuel might have even left, because already, I’m sure he must have been feeling somehow after seven failed attempts.

Who knows, that prince charming might have come to look for you, but didn’t find you.

If you are a church girl, stay in church. Don’t shuttle between church and club. If you are a believer, keep believing.

Be patient with the process. It may seem as if its taking time, God wants you to grow into it.

Don’t commit suicide. Don’t move into his house because he promised you marriage. Don’t resort to sending nudes.

If you can follow through the process, do you know what will happen?

1 Sam 16:13a (KJV) Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brethren:

David was anointed right before his brethren. So also will you. Your wedding day will not be in one corner, it will be on the billboard. That promotion will be announced.

Right before those who mocked you, you will drive that car. Right before those who said you would amount to nothing, God will lift you up.

Just stay with him. He knows what’s best for you.

I stay through the process. I faint not.

Lord, help me to follow you till the end

Proverbs 22:29 (BBE) Have you seen a man who is expert in his business? he will take his place before kings; his place will not be among low persons.

Pray for staying power.

1 sam 16

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  • John Oluwawalemi says:

    I stay through the process, God works on me, I’m coming forth as gold.

  • Rhoda Amapakabo says:

    Amen and Amen.. God bless you much

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I stay through the process

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