Ten Ways To Keep The Strange Woman Away – Part 2

Ten Ways To Keep The Strange Woman Away – Part 2

I started looking at this topic on Saturday and I will wrap it up today. If you missed the first part, you can check it HERE

The strange woman or adulteress as the Bible calls them or in a more modern language, the mistress or side chick or even baby mama if you like are all over the place.

At work, in the neighborhood, in the business world, at our offices, in supermarkets, at eateries, at the cinemas, in the hospitals and more dangerously, in the church!!!

Since these ladies with ulterior motives stare us in the face, we need to learn how to tactically handle them, especially those we can’t really forcefully do anything about their closeness to our husbands in that sense. For example, a woman who shares the same office with your husband or they are doing a project together.

May the Lord grant us a lot of wisdom and patience in handling them, Amen.

We already looked at 5 ways to keep the strange woman away. 

Here are the other 5 ways to keep the strange woman away.

6. Watch for her covenant with God.

Pro 2:17  KJV
Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

A woman who has no fear of God and no covenant with God is a dangerous woman and can be used of the devil any time to perpetuate his plans. 

She is wayward and has no regard for God nor for her marriage vows. She prefers other men to her husband and is not ashamed to let people know.

7. Don’t go out with her alone nor be with her alone.

Pro 2:18 
For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead. 

Being alone with your husband is her aim. All she wants is a moment alone with him to establish her plans.

To talk with him alone, be with him, go out with him… all she wants is his attention.

Husbands, don’t give her that privilege no matter what. 

Wives, guard your husbands. Send texts, call, chat them up and always pray for them.

8. Don’t eat from her or with her.

It may sound rather outrageous but we have known desperate ladies who have added something to the food of their victims. 

Let every husband be cautious and let their wives please see to it that they cook meals; especially breakfast for the man, so that he eats before going out of the house and he has something in his stomach.

A hungry man eats anything and every thing.

9. Do not enjoy her company no matter what her temperament is.

Some people naturally enjoy the company of particular people. We attract people of opposite temperament and this could be dangerous if care is not taken.

Don’t spend hours with her laughing and gisting until you forget yourself.

This could be a trap for the enemy to use.
If you get so comfortable and relaxed in her presence, you could be vulnerable.

10. Don’t take for granted an improper dressing.

Men are moved by sight and so you have to watch what you see.

You cannot afford to keep gazing and enjoy seeing a lady’s clevage, laps, backs etc and think nothing will happen.

When you see a lady improperly dressed, you should think, ‘danger’.

Any woman who dresses seductively is a dangerous woman. Be careful of her.

Avoid close contact with her as much as possible in order to help your self.

Do these and the Lord will help you.

God bless our marriages.

I will keep the strange woman away far from my home and marriage.

Lord, I ask for your help. Please keep my husband from strange women.

Avoid everything that can affect your marriage

Pro 2:17  KJV
Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God.

Pro 2 -3

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Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Sophia Bolanle Okunowo pastors alongside her husband at Shouts Of Grace Center in Ibadan. She is an administrator with a Health Provider company. She desires to see marriages blessed and fulfilling it's purpose.

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