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I thank God for d impact of 31 days marriage challenge since i started 1 there r changes 4 d best in my home m happy n fulfilled cos i know m still going to experience more God is awesome n a big thank to our pastors too .more anointing upon dem ijn

Etuduhor tosin esther


Been having dull.ache n sharp pain under my left breast for some time now after the 7 days online prayer d day we rounded pastor asked us to touch wherever we feel pain after d prayer i was completely healed no more pain since den i give God all d glory n m grateful.more annointing on our pastor ijn.Amen

Etuduhor tosin esther

God’s Deliverance.

I want to give all thanks to God for delivering me from death. I was involved in an accident some time ago. It was an accident involving four people and which could have claimed our lives. But Jesus saved us all. Hallelujah.

Orunsolu Oluwapelumi

Divine intervention

I give God all the glory for all He has done in my life. I’ve been trying to get UK Visa for like 8years now without success. I’ve been denied twice but I decided to ‘re apply this year in October to attend a conference. To the glory of God, I was granted visa. To God be all the glory, honour and adoration.


Who did this? Jesus, oh my God!

I want to thank God for that which has done for me. For the past 5 years, I have being trusting God for a Magisterial appointment in my State. And just like that, unexpectedly, God showed himself mighty in my life early this year, 2019. I was appointed a Magistrate in the month of march and ever since then, God has being proving himself in my life. Haaaaaaaaaaaaalelujah….

Ruth Yas Tara


On 4th January 2017 I was diagnosed with a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome, according to my gynecologist I would need to undergo fertility treatment whenever I felt ready to conceive. I told my fiancé (my husband now) about the doctors report, and his response was “it is well, let’s focus on our wedding plans”.
We got wedded on 7th October 2017 and decided since I was on leave, I would attend the mothers and father’s of nations class at Shiloh 2017. I attended those classes on our behalf believing God for conception in the last quarter of 2018. In December I experienced a hormonal imbalance, and was prescribed some contraception meds to stop my menstrual bleeding which couldn’t stop by itself. The gyn who attend to me happens to be one of the senior OB consultant Gynecologists in this country and was sceptical about administering me contraception meds to stop my menstrual bleeding because of my condition.
Fast forward to March 13th 2018, without ever going through any fertility treatment I was confirmed pregnant, a week later which happened to be my birthday I began to bleed (one of the scariest moments of my life). When I told my husband about it, after the order of Papa he answered me “it can never happen, can I have my food please”. The following day I went to see the doctor, after some checks my baby was found intact and I was put on hormonal treatment for a month. After 40weeks and 4days at 06:32 on 7th November 2018 I birthed our baby girl Chimwemwe Shiloh Phiri.
The God of Shiloh is still at work.

Mrs M Phiri

Protected And Defended

I want to bless the name of the Lord for divine protection.

On the 29th of May 2019, I attended the swearing in ceremony of Governor Oluseyi Makinde of Oyo State, Nigeria, and it went peacefully.

I left the stadium immediately the closing National Anthem was being sung, so as to beat traffic but to my amazement, everywhere was totally blocked.
No cab, no means of transport around.
I had to walk from Liberty road down to High Court/Mobile road.

Few minutes later, I heard the blast of sirens from behind, so I turned to see who was coming.
I then realized it was the convoy of a prominent King in South Western Nigeria.

They were driving at a high speed and reckless too. By the time they got close to where I was, they were on a dangerous zigzag movement, so people on the road (pedestrians) started running off the road but I maintained my walking pace on the pedestrian line.

The next thing I saw was that the man beside the driver in a black Jeep which was the last car on the convoy, pointed a gun at me.
I guess he was curious that I didn’t run when others did.

In the twinkle of an eye, he shot at me at a very close range.

Do you know what?

Elohim shomri (God my protector) captured the bullet!

By the time I was conscious of my environment, all I could see was the shell of the bullet right in front of me on the ground and I heard people screaming and shouting… Ko wole( it did not enter) omo agba ni (He’s the son of the elder) etc but I knew it could only have been God!

@Shouts of Grace Center, part of our confession is that we are protected and defended.

I bless God that he didn’t and will never disappoint his children.

My heart is full of gratitude to God Almighty.

Joshua Eze

Unexpected Promotion

Sometimes last year I had some rough times at my workplace and at a point I just felt I may not be considered for any promotion soon. Alas, the great advocate turned things around for me and I suddenly got promoted against all odds. Heaven smiled down on me in an amazing way and I return all glory to Jesus because it was beyond my expectation and I am certain He will do more gracious things for me.


Opeyemi Ayobami

My Wedding Was Debt Free!

I want to thank God for his mercies and his grace upon my family, I and my younger sister got married the same year she got married April and I did mine in Nov 24. I put up a prayer request on KHC asking God for financial breakthrough during my wedding. To the glory of God, the wedding was done debt free. I don’t want to take it for granted I give God all the praise!

Rosemary Sunday

Retransfer Approved

Sometime in early February, I put up a prayer request that I was transferred from my place of work to another where I will have to go through a river to get to the new work place. My worry was that I have phobia for river so I do not want to go there. I prayed and people also prayed about it and I have been trusting God. Just yesterday, the new transfer list was sent to me that I have been transferred back to my former place of work. I am full of joy. I have come to return all Glory to God. Indeed We have a God that harkens to our prayers. Thank You Jesus. God bless all those who prayed for this. Much love…

Excel Amachree

God Answered Me!

I submitted a prayer request on KHC a while ago. I had a relationship that was not really working as it was not leading to marriage, but I kept praying for God to terminate the relationship if it was not meant for me. Last year march, after my birthday, the relationship ended but I did not panic because I asked God to terminate it if it was not mine.
While I waited for a period of three months, I started a fellowship that I had been ignoring for a long time, [a fellowship that reaches out to teenagers] and I got all the support from my family and some friends with like minds.

To cut the long story short, one of the member [a friend] of the fellowship who offered his house as our meeting venue has been interested in marrying me, but I never gave in, then I decided we give it a try, and in less than a month during a prayer program in his family house, a prophecy came and I was announced in the presence of his family [I had not met them yet].

The same day the prophesy was made, I was in the place of prayer for 3 hours, and when I asked my fiancé later, the time the message came, I was still at the place of prayers [between 8:30am – 11:00am on that Saturday.
Within two months, both families met [introduction], later my bride price was paid, a date was fixed for the white wedding, in November 2018 we did our court wedding, finished our pre marital counseling and January 12th 2019, we got married in church.
I’m returning all glory to God for being there and never letting me down despite everything that happened, he proved himself yet again. Thank you Jesus

Justine Waguna

Got Married

I wanted to get married before the year 2018 ends with no money on me. I started in faith and God gave me favour on very side . Proverbs 18:22 is real. Men should not wait until you have heaven and earth. Start by faith and Believe God. Glory be to God.

Ikechi Nmeni
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Faithfulness of God

Brethren , I am here to return all glory to God for his faithfulness in my life and family.
During the 30 days of TWIG God showed answered my prayers
1. He preserved my husband job even when everybody was asked to go, the company retained him with a salary increase , to God be the glory!.
2. My sister and my cousin got engaged with the full traditional rite ceremony done.
3. God has been preserving the health of all my family members all over the world and granting us journey mercies .
4. God also blessed us with a new car
I just want to say thank u Jesus ,I can’t thank him enough brethren please join me to thank this God .
I pray that God will continue to bless Pastor and his wife and their cup will never run dry.
I know before the end of the year all my prayer request will be granted Amen
Thank u God!!!


Miracle Wedding

I submitted a prayer request for a marital breakthrough.

Last August a man I had sung with in my local church choir for 6 years asked me out. December he set our wedding date. He did the traditional marriage rites and paid my bride price. As I write it is 29 days to our church wedding.

Prior to that i was getting frustrated at unbelievers coming after me and had no testimony of honourable marriage from both my fathers nor my mother’s household.

Praise Jesus.


My Testimony is Here

I thank God for honouring his name in my home. Last year,i send requests on conception. I’m here to return all the glory to God for helping me through pregnancy, delivery and all that followed. In short, i thank God for TESTIMONY (that’s my daughter’s name)

Onyinye Faith Peter
Lagos, Nigeria

Marital Destiny Opened

I bless God for breaking the siege of marital delay in my family, starting with myself. We have been mocked and ridiculed with people believing none of myself and my sisters can get married. I submitted prayer requests here some months back and to God be all the glory for the success of my introduction ceremony this last Saturday. I have returned to testify to the Lord’s doing. It is marvellous in my eyes. I know that my elder sister Seun is next in line to the glory of the Lord

Adewunmi Grace
Ondo, Nigeria

Missing Child Found!

I sent this prayer point in recently: please I need the people of God to join me in prayers…. my nephew of 11years has been missing now for 3 days on the way from school… no news whatsoever… I remember the scripture where peter was arrested but the church kept praying and God sent his angel to rescue peter. let’s pray that God will bring him back safely and very soon. Amen

I am glad to inform you that God answers prayers: he was found in Ibadan, Oyo State after 5 days…from Ijebu, Ogun Sate, all glory to God. Be all encouraged that God is still in the business of answering prayers. hallelujah. thank you all


Miracle Car

I appreciate the God of KHC who specialize in surprises. I have been trusting God for a car. Last week God supernaturally gave me a car which is beyond my expectation without having a kobo in it. It was a surprise, it was God indeed! Our God answer prayers indeed, All glory and honour to Him.


Instantly Healed!

Good evening sir, i want to thank God for using pastor Dunamis to grant me healing. On the evening of that day, precisely i noticed a very sharp pain on the lower part of my stomach and gradually it became very serious and started affecting my right leg. Later that night, as i was reading the KHC devotional for that day which was prayers from pastor Dunamis. He said “There is a lady reading now, there is a weakness in your right leg specifically that you cannot explain, that pain and weakness disappears right now. Never again in the name of Jesus! You can stand up and just check now as strength is being infused into your limbs now”. Immediately, the pain disappeared and i stood up, behold the pain was gone and i never felt it again. Praise God!

Lilian Ginika
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Healed from Depressive Bondage

Praise the Lord, I am healed emotionally. While reading the devotion, I came across a word that described exactly what I had been going through: Depressive mood. Tears rolled down my eyes while I read this, I felt the presence of God standing right by my bed. This depression mood swing had affected me badly that I find it hard to be creative. I do a lot of creative work. But when this Depression mood swing set in, I become so resentful, that I cannot get involved in anything worth while. This morning I took hold of the Word pronounced by the Man of God, Pastor Dunamis. I am healed and I receive it by Faith. I will go and get depressed no môre. I will go and do creative work to Glorify the name of God. Hallelujah!!!

Victoria O


Last week, this pain in my right leg began, and i just couldn’t understand why. After the word of Pastor Dunamis on a lady with pain on the right leg, i immediately claimed it and instant healing i know is mine in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.

Oluwadamilola Akinrinade`

Genotype Change

Gdmorning pastor. I want to use this medium to appreciate you and your wife for your moral and spiritual support in my life and that of my friend. When we started dating he introduced me to the KHC and told me he would like us to read the daily devotion so as to help us in our spiritual, personal, relationship lives. When we realised how serious we were we both decided to be tested for our genotypes as I wasn’t sure of my genotype. When the result came out, I was tested “AS”. This was a great concern. I read the devotional archive for Dec 18th 2015 and keyed into the testimony.

I told him that we should fast and pray for the same God who gave the couple a testimony in KHC would definitely do the same for us. We started to fast and pray; unknown to me, my friend had asked God for a sign; a change in my genotype would be to him a confirmation of God’s approval for us to be together. As funny as this sounds now, it made him pray even more. Alas, the second test result came still ‘AS’, but we kept believing and persisting through prayers, faith, perseverance ‎that my result had changed. I later went to a very credible lab around ikeja (opebi axies) and got tested again only for the result to come out as “AA” to the glory of God as it can only be God that can do such miraculous wonder.

I want to use this medium to thank God because if we had decided to take decisions and conclusions into our hands without seeking God first we probably would have separated and ended our relationship. I also want to thank KHC, pastor Dunamis, our mummy and also the members who take time to write and share their testimonies, I pray that God would continue to strengthen you all in Jesus name, Amen.

Erica Otabor

I bless God for the

I bless God for the day I came in contact with this page online, several months ago, the man of God released a key unto us as He said He felt the urgency to pray for us that early morning, He said we should pray with 1Chronicles 12 : 22 and also said we should hold our head with both hands which I did as instructed.

I prayed with the verse repeatedly and I received answers to my prayer from unexpected sources including my job, project in school and lots more. I now know that there is power in the word of God,I return all glory to God and I bless His holy name because He is a miracle working God.

Ajisafe Ayodele Anthony

Now Married!

After getting fed up of praying for a life partner, I called pastor Dunamis and explain my situation to him he prayed with and told me to be patient. To God be the glory the man after God’s heart came and things worked out the way we wanted it. Now we are married.


New Job

God has been faithful. Via this platform, he gave me a new job and it’s far better than any job have done. I was given the job without any interview conducted, neither did they ask for my credentials. I was only ask how much i wanted to earn. Trusting God for greater heights.


From AS to AA

After series of break ups from relationship for the same reason, I took a step of faith and went for another test and now, the Lord has changed my genotype from AS to AA. Praise God


Pains Disappeared

I have been having pains in my stomach after under going an appendix surgery since 2010, but the pain disappeared as I listened to Pastor Dunamis’ Audio Message where he said we should lay hands on any part of our body that we have pain. I give God all the glory, thanks sir for the world you speak into my life.

Mary Alonge