God Answered Me!

I submitted a prayer request on KHC a while ago. I had a relationship that was not really working as it was not leading to marriage, but I kept praying for God to terminate the relationship if it was not meant for me. Last year march, after my birthday, the relationship ended but I did not panic because I asked God to terminate it if it was not mine.
While I waited for a period of three months, I started a fellowship that I had been ignoring for a long time, [a fellowship that reaches out to teenagers] and I got all the support from my family and some friends with like minds.

To cut the long story short, one of the member [a friend] of the fellowship who offered his house as our meeting venue has been interested in marrying me, but I never gave in, then I decided we give it a try, and in less than a month during a prayer program in his family house, a prophecy came and I was announced in the presence of his family [I had not met them yet].

The same day the prophesy was made, I was in the place of prayer for 3 hours, and when I asked my fiancé later, the time the message came, I was still at the place of prayers [between 8:30am – 11:00am on that Saturday.
Within two months, both families met [introduction], later my bride price was paid, a date was fixed for the white wedding, in November 2018 we did our court wedding, finished our pre marital counseling and January 12th 2019, we got married in church.
I’m returning all glory to God for being there and never letting me down despite everything that happened, he proved himself yet again. Thank you Jesus

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