On 4th January 2017 I was diagnosed with a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome, according to my gynecologist I would need to undergo fertility treatment whenever I felt ready to conceive. I told my fiancé (my husband now) about the doctors report, and his response was “it is well, let’s focus on our wedding plans”.
We got wedded on 7th October 2017 and decided since I was on leave, I would attend the mothers and father’s of nations class at Shiloh 2017. I attended those classes on our behalf believing God for conception in the last quarter of 2018. In December I experienced a hormonal imbalance, and was prescribed some contraception meds to stop my menstrual bleeding which couldn’t stop by itself. The gyn who attend to me happens to be one of the senior OB consultant Gynecologists in this country and was sceptical about administering me contraception meds to stop my menstrual bleeding because of my condition.
Fast forward to March 13th 2018, without ever going through any fertility treatment I was confirmed pregnant, a week later which happened to be my birthday I began to bleed (one of the scariest moments of my life). When I told my husband about it, after the order of Papa he answered me “it can never happen, can I have my food please”. The following day I went to see the doctor, after some checks my baby was found intact and I was put on hormonal treatment for a month. After 40weeks and 4days at 06:32 on 7th November 2018 I birthed our baby girl Chimwemwe Shiloh Phiri.
The God of Shiloh is still at work.

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