That Prayer Concerning Your Wedding Will Be Answered

That Prayer Concerning Your Wedding Will Be Answered

I want to quickly encourage dear singles this morning!

God will answer your prayers!

Wedding? Job? International job? Open doors? Financial intervention?
Whatever it is, God will answer you.

Stay in faith.

Believe God.

Don’t let past experiences harden your heart.

Unbelief and prayers are not good friends.

You have to learn how to believe God and to also know that God wants the best for you!

Do you know Jesus has a weakness?

Let me tell you His weakness.

He will always answer prayers!

Let me show you a scripture that will amaze you.

Mark 5:12-13 (MKJV)  
And all the demons begged Him, saying, Send us into the pigs, that we may enter into them.  [13]  And immediately Jesus allowed them. And the unclean spirits went out and entered into the pigs. And the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea (they were about two thousand), and were choked in the sea.

Did you see that?

Demons prayed to Jesus and he answered their prayers!

You are not a demon?

You are God’s own child, a joint heir with Christ, redeemed and bought over, blood bought and Holy Ghost filled and sanctified, precious in His sight, a King and a Priest!}

Jesus will answer your prayers! Only pray in faith!

Don’t go back and forth!

You don’t even need to “beg!”

You only need to ask and not ask amiss.

James 4:3 (KJV)  
Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

What is asking amiss?

How does one know he is not asking amiss?

The Amplified Bible explains better.
James 4:3 (AMPC)  
[Or] you do ask [God for them] and yet fail to receive, because you ask with wrong purpose and evil, selfish motives. Your intention is [when you get what you desire] to spend it in sensual pleasures.

No need for any more explanation.

Read it again and meditate on it.

When you want to pray, the scripture will pop up from your spirit and guide you!

I pray for you, God will answer your prayers in Jesus name!

You will have the travails of your heart!

So shall it be for you!

Have a blessed and fantastic day!

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Confession of the day
God will answer me.

Prayer for the day
Lord, hearken to the voice of my heart

Thoughts of the day
James 4:3 (CEV)  Yet even when you do pray, your prayers are not answered, because you pray just for selfish reasons.

Action plan
Read a good book on prayers

Bible reading
John 17

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Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Husband of one. Father of Three. Mentor of thousands. Impact to nations. Addicted writer. Web Developer. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan, Nigeria. Facilitator of Kisses and Huggs Club. Follow on Instagram HERE

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  1. Prince

    My wedding will be magnificent…. The Lord says so!


      I recieve God’s direction. Amen

      1. Motunrayo

        My prayers consigning my settlement will be answered and i will be wonderfully settled in Jesus name

  2. Joy

    The Lord will answer me and hearken to the voice of my heart
    Thank you Pastor

  3. Dunmoye Olamide

    God will answer me speedily. Amen

    1. LILIAN

      The Lord will hearken to the voice of my heart,
      Yes sir, love the new look of the site.more grace to you sir.

  4. Peculiar

    God will answer me with divine speed in Jesus name. Amen

  5. Ajanaku Feyisara

    All your promises are yes and amen.

  6. John Oluwawalemi

    Amen. God will answer me

  7. Funmilola

    God will answer me!
    God bless you sir,just what I needed to hear.

  8. Sylvester Obinna

    Thank you for this Sir

    1. Jibola

      The Lord will answer my prayers and perfect the good work He has started in my life.Today’s devotional was written for me. My hopes have been raised and the burden lifted because God will establish His good works in my life.

      1. Precious

        The Lord will perfect that which concerns me in Jesus name. Amen.

  9. Nneka Diuto Jeraldine


  10. Rebecca

    I will testify Amen

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