The Counselor’s Input In Your Marriage

The Counselor’s Input In Your Marriage

Having one’s spouse to relate/fellowship with over any and every issue one is faced with in life is an important part among the purpose of marriage. How productive the relationship/conversation/fellowship is, will be a product of how informed or educated the husband/wife is over the topic or subject of discourse. i.e. no matter how interested about cars and gadgets I seem to be, my wife is not just my go to person when I have issues and need to talk about these things.

On the flip side, I have also found that there are some other issues of interest to my wife that I am absolutely not passionate about or interested in despite my knack for knowledge about things which has broadened the range of what I know about ladies /women (though most of the things I know can only be considered as surface information…things like color no’s of extension (attachments) used by women, foundation make up collections, etc) still, there are some issues of interest to my wife which does not just in anyway interest me and conversations along such areas will eventually result in nothing helpful to her.

God did not leave us blank in matters such as above or even intricate matters than the above that will show up in our marriage. God has made himself available to help us out at moments when even our spouse does not know what to say to our puzzling questions or issues.

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John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you ALL THINGS, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

From the above we can understand that things we do not understand, we need counsel on as man and wife is covered by Holy Ghost sent by the father which as Christians we received at new birth. The non-interesting part of this is that we most times underutilize or do not use at all the potentials of our relationship with the Holy-Spirit.

The Holy-spirit is always waiting to give us counsel when we need them only if we ask him.
The next time you are expecting counsel on any issue, most especially the ones that your spouse seem to be apparently ignorant of, you can fellowship with the holy ghost and he will surely give you counsel.

In addition to the above, anytime our spouse ask for our opinion over any matter, we should endeavor to consult the counselor within us to give the best counsel to our spouse.

Beyond our human knowledge on the subject or area of question, we should endeavor to speak to the Holy-spirit in other not to give erroneous counsel to our spouse.

May our Homes be Blessed.

I rely on the counsel of the holy-spirit .

Holy spirit, instruct me today on areas of growth in my life.

Do all that is needful to keep your relationship with the holy-spirit alive.

Be conscious of the holy-spirit’s role in your home.

Proverbs 30

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