The Currency of Your Redemption is Not Trivial

The Currency of Your Redemption is Not Trivial

This Message was taught by Rev. Dunamis Okunowo on the 4th of August 2019

  • 1 Peter 1:15
  • Be Holy in all your conduct and manner of living.
  • 1 Peter 1:18 – to redeem means to buy back. We were all sold into sin through Adam, what Jesus did when he died for us was to buy us back.
  • The work of redemption that Jesus did is permanent and final
  • The nature in which we were redeemed is not corruptible. Our redemption package is a serious business, it is not something trivial.
  • We are not redeemed with corruptible stuff that is why money cannot buy us back from the work of redemption.
  • There is no other plan that God has for us, other than Jesus. If a man rejects Jesus, he is completely doomed
  • You are going to need Jesus.
  • Money can bring you healing, but it can’t buy you health, it can buy you foods, but it can’t make it digest.
  • You have to know that without God, you don’t have a life.
  • Man is tripartite – Spirit, Soul and Body. Your spirit is the real you.
  • You can’t afford to live carelessly because you have been redeemed with incorruptible things, don’t let corruptible things lead you away from God.
  • Don’t throw away your redemptive package for trivial things.
  • Ladies stop seeing guys as tools, to use to get material things.
  • Money will never satisfy you, the only thing that can satisfy you in Jesus.
  • Don’t throw your redemptive package away because of a job, don’t become a Jehovah Jireh for yourself, trust in God.
  • What you are redeemed with cannot be valued money wise. The precious blood of Jesus that redeemed us has no blemish and has no spot.
  • When we come into Jesus, the blood of Jesus washes away every blemish and spots from off us.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, the blood of Jesus removes every blemish and will cause transformation.
  • If you cooperate with Jesus he’ll turn things around, don’t let the devil deceive you that you’re too far gone.
  • Anybody and everybody can be saved
  • vs 19 (MSG) – “Christ paid with sacred blood…”
  • Everything the devil does is a counterfeit of what God does, he has no original thought, no idea, no creativity.
  • You need to have a revelation about the blood of Jesus.
  • vs 20 – the redemption package has been preordained and perfected before the foundation of the world.
  • Everything the devil does, the word can fix it. The devil can’t withstand God’s word
  • Don’t ever verbalize words that are not in consonance with God’s word.
Rev Dunamis Tunde Okunowo
  • Your troubles did not start before the foundation of the word, but the solution to every problem was preordained before the foundation of the word.
  • Be careful of the kind of gifts you collect, because the gift of a man will make room for him.
  • Men are not generally nice, they give gifts because of what they want to get in return (which is to get you to compromise).
  • Never put you faith and hope in corruptible things, never put your hope in any man, the arm of flesh will always fail.
  • Put your faith and hope in God, it might seem slow but it is sure.
  • The bait that the enemy throws is a trap, hold tight to your redemption package.
  • If a man does not obey God, he will retain spots and blemish in his life. Disobedience can mess up what has been foreordained. Don’t tie down the hands of God, iniquity causes a separation from God.
  • Listen to God, cooperate with Him. You can lie right, you can cooperate with God to fulfill purpose.
  • The seed of the word in you will not live a life of habitual sin. A mistake is different from committing habitual sins.
  • When you give your life to Jesus, it is like an intercourse. The conception of Jesus took place by the word of the living God, not by mortal sperm.
  • When you get born again and you respond to the word that is preached, what happens is like an intercourse a divine encounter that you cannot recover from.
  • All the things we love so much, houses, cars e.t.c. will pass away, they will wither.

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