The Dangers of Straying From Your Duty Post

This morning, I want to talk to two groups of people.

1. Those involved in extra marital affairs, and

2. Those involved in intra marital affairs.

1. Those involved in extra marital affairs.
These ones are those who go from church to church, looking for what’s not lost.

Revival! Revival! Revival! They are there.
Salvation! Salvation! Salvation! They are there.
Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! They are there.
Healing! Healing! Healing! They are there.
so so so minister is coming to so so so place…they rush there.

They claim to have a church, but in 6 months, they have attended more programs outside their church than in their local assembly.
Yet they wonder why their seeds haven’t germinated. They wonder why their prayers are hanging.

Let me show you a phrase that literarily jumped at me from the scriptures last week.

Then the king said to Haman, Make haste, and take the apparel and the horse, as thou hast said, and do even so to Mordecai the Jew, THAT SITTETH AT THE KING’S GATE: let nothing fail of all that thou has spoken {Est 6:10 KJV, emphasis added}.

Dear Uncles and Aunties, you need to stay somewhere. Yes, stay somewhere. God knows where you are. He knows where and how to locate you.

Mordecai could have walked to Esther and demanded to be made the commissioner for Jewish affairs. He could have been angry at her, seeing that she seemed to have forgotten him. He could have been passing derogatory comments about Esther among the Jews. He had every reason to leave the gate but he stayed there.

Many of us have missed our blessings because we moved away from heavens GPS.

I will not be faster than God!

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God doesn’t jump protocols. At every point in time, you will need to be domiciled in a place, not places of worship.
Find out where God wants you to be and stay there.

Psalms 68:6a (KJV) God setteth the solitary in families:

A family has been prepared for you in your current geographical location.
When you relocate, another family will be prepared for you.
That’s how it works.

Man your post! Stop going from pillar to post!
In 2 months, you have attended 17 programmes, how will you be found?
In 2 months, you have been identified as a first time guest in over 10 churches, how will you find a wife?

You see, we need to go back to the beginning if we want to get it right.
Adam was put in one garden, not in 5 different gardens

And the LORD God planted A GARDEN eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. {Genesis 2:8 KJV, emphasis added}

A garden!
A garden!
A garden!
Not some gardens!
Not an agglomerate of gardens!

Adultery doesn’t start when you get married. If as a single, you jump from church to church, you are in an extra marital affair. You are going to get malnourished, get poisoned, constipate and contract some venereal diseases that way.

Stay at your duty post. That’s what a trained solider does.
And if you don’t like where you are, leave…it’s more honorable that way.

The General Commander is watching. One day, the book of husband/wife will be opened and only those “sitting at the gate” will be rewarded.


We will continue tomorrow.

I am patient. I will stay at my duty post.

Lord, help me not to be faster than you.

Jer 29:11 {MSG}I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Stay somewhere!

Esther 6

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  • Jesupelumi says:

    Thank you sir. I will not be faster than God

  • Bamise Adeseun says:

    I’m patient, I will stay at my door post!

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