The Man Who Didn’t Sleep With His Wife

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I know a man, who goes by the name Joseph. Yeah! It’s the same Joseph you know. The father of Jesus. He was engaged to this cute, pretty girl, Mary, who eventually birthed Jesus. 

So we understand that Joseph wanted to leave Mary because he couldn’t comprehend how a virgin could be pregnant. But thank God for God. God convinced Joseph Himself. 

God was so interested in the union between Mary and Joseph that he went ahead to confirm Mary’s immaculate pregnancy. He wanted to fully convince Joseph that He was behind Mary’s pregnancy. 

But before Jesus’ birth, I noticed something the bible said about Joseph. And it opened my eyes to see why God was so interested in Joseph being the earthly father of Jesus, asides the fact that he was the descendant of David.

In Matthew 1, if you read till the end, you will see how an Angel from the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him not to hesitate taking Mary as his wife because the power of the Holy Spirit had conceived a child in her womb. 

However, where I am really going to is Matt. 1:24-25(NLT):

24When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary as his wife. 25. But he did not have sexual relations with her until her son was born. And Joseph named him Jesus.

Joseph did not sleep with his wife until she gave birth to Jesus. Why? Because he was a DISCIPLINED man. God could trust that this man wouldn’t jeopardize the plan He had for the entire world. God knew that he was not a man easily moved by his emotions or feelings.

Listen, dear singles, for you to fully manifest the purpose and call of God over your life, and your relationship, you must be DISCIPLINED.

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Note that Joseph was DISCIPLINED long before he even got married to Mary. The guy had a track record of DISCIPLINE and God could trust that even when he marries Mary; the love of his life, even when he starts living with the lady whose body he had long desired, he would still be able to refrain himself because he was a DISCIPLINED man.

Like, Joseph lived in the same house for months with this woman he had looked forward to marrying, and yet he didn’t touch her until she had given birth. Note that the scripture didn’t say the power of the Holy Spirit was upon him and so he did not have sexual relations with his wife. 

The bible said he, Joseph, did not have sexual relations with his wife. He made up his mind not to touch his wife. WOW! This is so amazing. 

Can God trust you as a single person? Do you have a track record of being disciplined, especially when it comes to the opposite sex? Can God trust you with his daughter or son, knowing that you will not try anything funny and jeopardize the plans he has for not just you but the destinies attached to your lives as well?

Think about this. 

I am disciplined as a single. 

I receive grace to live a disciplined life, pleasing unto the Lord.

Can God trust you as a single person?

Meditate on Matt. 1:25

Matt. 1

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