The Movie Challenge

Seyi: (After the evening fellowship in church) Mehn, I’m pretty exhausted. My day has been hectic.

Banjo: Please take some time to rest o. I don’t want you to come crashing.

Seyi: Hahahaha. I have plans already. I’m gonna take a cold shower, then prepare my meal, and eat over a movie. Movies are my relaxing technique.

Banjo: Wow. I think you should watch ‘WAR ROOM’ then, even if you’ve watched it before. It’s in line with what pastor taught today.

Seyi: War room… war room… I can’t remember seeing that movie. What’s it about?

Banjo: You’ve not seen war room?! It’s a movie on the power of prayers. You should see it.

Seyi: Ahhh… brother Banjo; ‘you no go kill person.’ So the ones I’m hearing in church is not enough? I should now be watching it in movies too? Please my movie time is for fun! What I love watching is action movies, with a tinge of romance; high school movies, and the likes.

Banjo: (speechless)

The entertainment industry is a very powerful industry, but many are yet to recognize it. Through this industry, thoughts are forged in men, and therefore lives are pushed in certain direction. Movies move your life!

What are MOVIES? They are simply the thought patterns of a man being projected into other men!

So a man that believes hot Jeru trip as a single is really hot and fun will not hesitate to put it in his movie, and as you watch that movie, that thought pattern and spirit is being forged in you.
You may watch the movie today and think nothing has happened to you, not realizing that a block has been laid in your heart. And as you keep watching movies upon movies, you would soon find out that your life begins to flow in that direction also.

Why do you think you find it hard to do the words you hear from God?

It’s probably because you hear more of words from movies than you hear from God, and so the thoughts transmitted from the movies are the ones driving your life, not the thoughts transmitted from God.
Your life will flow in the direction of the most pronounced voice in your life!

“Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.”
Proverbs 4:23 ERV

Why do you think sexual immorality is on the rise? Everyone you touch is battling from one sexual addiction or the other – sexual lust, pornography, masturbation, fornication, adultery, etc.

One of the reasons is that many are ‘relaxing’ with movies, not knowing that these movies are passing thoughts and spirits to them which drive their lives!

Apart from core Christian movies (e.g. movies from the Kendrick brothers), almost every movie you touch is laced with one sexual scene or the other – it may be a kiss here or a seduction there or sex scenes here and there.

So what’s happening is that these movies are arousing your sexual desires, but the bitter truth is that you don’t realise it! You ‘love’ movies, and so you keep loading yourself with all sorts of movies, and then wonder why you have the desire for sexual compromises.

A season of the movie ‘Game of Thrones’ was released some months back, and the internet went amok with the excitement of people, even Believers (Christians)! And I’ve heard stories about the dirtiness of that movie, and I’m left wondering, “The devil is really SUBTLY dealing with our generation!”

And we must wake up and be wise; otherwise the devil will mess up our lives and our generation right before our eyes.

You spend all your time in ‘worldly’ movies and then say you don’t have time to pray, to study the word of God, etc. It’s time to repent.

Finally, I want to put you to a challenge:

Are you battling with sexual sins (masturbation, pornography, sexual lust, fornication, etc)?
Don’t watch a single movie, and don’t listen to a single song produced by an unbeliever for the next 30 days.
Convert those movie times to times of prayer (in tongues and in understanding), study of the Bible, listening to Spirit songs, sermons, reading Christian books.
Then tell me the outcome afterwards.
(This challenge is also open to you that is not battling with any sexual sin. Do it, and tell me how it affected your spirituality)

The devil will not outsmart me! I am wiser than the devil because the wisdom of God works in me!

Lord, help me to put an end to movies that are targeted at putting an end to my life.

Movies are powerful, for they are projections of thought patterns and spirits that then influence the lives of men.

Decide to spend more time in the Word of God this month, and beyond.

Ephesians 5:1-21

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  • Jesupelumi says:

    More grace sir

  • John Oluwawalemi says:

    The devil will not outsmart me in the name of Jesus

  • Oni Elizabeth says:

    The devil will not outsmart me in Jesus name

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