The One Person You Shouldn’t Be In A Relationship With

There is one kind of person you really shouldn’t be in a relationship with: a person who is not Kingdom-minded. Being with a person who doesn’t care about the kingdom of God is catastrophic.

Funny thing is they might go to church, they might speak in tongues and still not be Kingdom-minded.

Kingdom-mindedness is a mindset that knows and acknowledges the sovereignty and the Lordship of God. 

A Kingdom-minded person gives room for God to influence his or her life, every single aspect of that life. 

This kind of person will ask God lots of questions like:
God, how do you want me to run my future home?
What kind of name would you have me give my future kids? 
Where do you want me to work? What kind of job would you have me do?
What kind of friends would you have me have?
How would you want me to handle this issue with my partner?” 

This person is God-oriented and once you acknowledge God in all your ways, He will come and invade that life, and make that life a wonder.

Relationships leading into marriage should have as it’s main goal, the fulfillment of God’s kingdom agenda.

Unbelievers should see your family and surrender to the King of Kings. Relationships aren’t just for fun. It is kingdom business.

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The Bible says one would chase a thousand, and two will chase ten thousand. 

Deuteronomy 32:30 KJV
How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up?

What this means is if you and your partner are not positioned or aligned enough to the agenda of God, the purpose of your coming together will be defeated because you will not be able to chase ten thousands without a robust understanding of God’s agenda for your relationship.

If you have not been living a Kingdom-minded life, you need a change of mindset this minute. Jesus was all about the kingdom and this was why He not only did extraordinary things, but also pleased God.

We should be Kingdom-minded people in relationships with other Kingdom-minded children of God so that we can produce godly seeds who will eventually become kingdom influencers, fulfilling the kingdom mandate of God here on Earth to the glory of God.

May the Lord grant more understanding in Jesus name.

I am a Kingdom-minded person.

Lord, help my partner and I not to lose focus of your kingdom agenda for our relationship.

Relationships aren’t just for fun. It is kingdom business.

Read Bible reading for today.

Deut 32

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