The Power Of Choice In Picking A Life Partner

The Power Of Choice In Picking A Life Partner

We should know that we have the power of choice when it comes to picking our life partner. You choose what God wants for you; He never forces anyone on you. But what happens when you hand over that power of choice to God and let Him pick for you?

I’m not talking about the one that you’ve somebody in mind already and you’re only asking for his permission to go ahead but I’m talking about you going to your father with an empty heart i.e with nobody in mind and He gets to fill you up. Oh yes, He still picks for His children if you’re broken to follow His will.

We need to know that it’s one thing to ask for God’s will and it’s a different thing entirely to follow it. Many of us still keep a ridiculous checklist of what we desire in our future partner and if peradventure one potential mate doesn’t match up to it, we send them away quickly.

Well, you can’t follow God’s will that way when you’re busy with “I must marry rich, tall and lanky man”. While doing that, God’s will for your life will pass you by you won’t even know. You can’t follow God’s will if you’re accustomed to living for and serving your flesh.

Listen, only a broken person can follow God’s will. I repeat only a person that has died to self.

Have you truly crucified the flesh and its influence over you?
I ask again, have you truly died to self?

I’m saying this because God looks at the hearts of men and not their outward state to pick His choice for you.

1Samuel 16:7(NLT) But the Lord said to Samuel, Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

That potential bae that ticked off all the boxes in your checklist may be the wrong choice for you in God’s eye.

Hear me, the person he may tell you to go for may not be rich nor handsome to your taste or be able to slay in appearance as you want. But only a person who has died to self will look beyond all of these and with faith go with who his maker who sees the heart of men picks for him as his partner.

If at any point in time you’re struggling to accept who God has for you, please that’s the time to work on your relationship with God seriously. Most of the time, it’s always our fleshly desires, emotions that’s wrestling with who God purposed for us.

So what happens if the person can pray but not slay in appearance?
What happens if the person has a sound character but his/her dress sense is not appealing to you?

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Amos 3:3 (KJV)
Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Listen, for God who sees the beginning and the end to have picked him/her for you as your life partner, that means the two of you can walk together! It means the person has a teachable heart and that defect in their appearance that you noticed can be worked upon by you when you eventually marry. That’s what marriage is for, to balance each other out.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can tush your partner’s appearance to your taste, okay? Stop looking for what’s not missing.

You need to know that a person’s appearance is just an icing on the cake. The heart which portrays the character of the person is the cake, and that’s the most crucial because that’s what you’ll be living with day in day out of your marriage.

Brothers, it’s in how far that lady has let the fruits of the spirit manifests in her character and not focusing on the packaging alone please! It’s not about the curvy figures, the stylish attires, the charisma, the beautiful faces, the nice gaits and the sound diction. All of these are just icing on the cake, you need more than icing to sustain a marriage.
Go ask the married folks you know around, I’m sure they’ll be glad to attest to this truth.

Hey, I’m not supporting looking all tattered and not well put together in appearance here, all I’m trying to say is that we should learn to look at people beyond their physical appearances. So many people have missed the good and perfect gift God has prepared for them, all because the packaging is not appealing enough for them! Your container(stature, beauty, charisma, stylish attires etc) can only draw people to you, but what will make them stay is your character, because unlike a pretty face that you notice instantly, a person’s character is actually revealed with time.

Do not trade that Godly character for anything. Keep on allowing God work in you to bring about that conformity to Christ as expected of us believers.

Yes, they may not look like it now but since you trusted in God by handing over that power of choice to Him, why not go with who he picks for you and see how happily it will turn out for you both in the end?

I haven’t seen anyone that followed His will that regretted it.

I’m broken for your use Lord.

Daddy, do to me as you want.

Learn to look at people beyond their outward appearance.

Are you truly broken? Draw close to your maker today and let Him mold you to whatever He wants.

Galatians 5: 19-26

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