The Power Of One Day

Just recently, I was thinking to myself about the power of ONE day. You know, when something really strategic, life-changing or glorious happens in the life of a man, it can be traced to just ONE day.

The same applies to something negative, heartbreaking or joyless – just ONE day.

You know, ONE day, that young lady with a broken heart met the guy responsible for her heart break.
ONE day, he received news that his mother was no more.
ONE day, she got a report that she has an incurable disease.
ONE day, the guy that was engaged to her told her he wasn’t just interested anymore – after wedding invitation cards had been printed.
ONE day, his boss fired him from work, and he was left roaming the streets of Lagos with no naira or kobo in his pocket.


ONE day, she met the guy who proposed and got married to her in two months!
ONE day, she went to the hospital and realized that truly God has healed her of that seemingly INCURABLE disease.
ONE day, the guy who was left kobo less had an encounter with a man who offered him a job and a house together with an official car.

Hey, who remembers that ONE day when Joseph became a prime minister? He slept a prisoner and woke up a PRIME MINISTER! It all happened in ONE day.

The story of Joseph really inspires me a whole lot! That guy is the real MVP! Joseph knew he was supposed to be great or that he was going to be great. I mean, the guy literally saw the universe bow down to him in a dream.

Yet, the circumstances didn’t look like he was in charge. It seemed like he was the one bowing down to the universe, like God had forgotten him.

First, he was sold into slavery. Just when he thought God was finally smiling at him right in Potiphar’s house (he probably must have thought he was going to use Potiphar’s influence to ascend the ladder of importance in Egypt), he gets accused of rape and is thrown into prison.

How do you convince such a man that God has plans for him. Remaining a believer in that condition becomes a real struggle but yet, God showed not only Joseph, but also the entire world that He is the God that does amazing things in ONE day.

Dear singles, there is always that ONE day that changes everything. Just like they say, there is ONE Saturday where your status will change too.
And thank God we serve a God who does amazing things in ONE day.

So don’t worry about where you are right now. Don’t even worry about how things look at the moment.
Just stay believing, stay expectant and stay hopeful because your ONE day is coming.

My ONE day is coming in the name of Jesus.

Holy Spirit, help me to stay expectant, believing, and hopeful in you and in what you are able to do in my life.

Stay believing, hopeful and expectant in God.

Read about the story of Joseph

Genesis 41

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  • Jesupelumi says:

    My one day is here already!

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