The Relationship Between You And An Automobile

We used to have a car in our house that consumed a lot of fuel. It was full one minute and after driving some miles, the fuel gauge will start to indicate a low level of fuel.

It was always very annoying because more money would have to be spent as well as more visits to the gas station.

However, that situation changed after the engine of the car was replaced.

Now I am not very good at automobiles, but at least let me try to explain in my own little way.

The engine is the part of the car that unlocks the energy in the fuel and converts it to power. Therefore if the engine is bad, the fuel cannot be well utilised.

There are some people whose fuel tanks are burning out. Why? Their engines are faulty.

Now before you kick me out of here,…lol… I will explain myself.

Your engine is your spirit man. Your real you is your spirit. Your fuel tank is your body or more like your whole physical make up.

Who you are and who you will eventually become are being interplayed by your engine. In other words, the engine is your essence. It is what gives every other part meaning.

It means that it is not the big bombom that does it. Brothers, if it is big bombom alone you are after, may it not shake away your destiny!

This means that, it is not the six or twelve packs that is the real deal. Sisters, if it is packs you are after, may it not pack away your destiny!

In other words, it is not phonetics that matters (please still speak correct grammar o… don’t come and give us headache), but that it can chase out demons and devils!

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That is, it is not just about IPhone (get it if you can), but that you can ‘hi’ God, access the throne of heaven and intercede for your territory anytime, any day and that at your word, things fall into shape!

There is so much more guys. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t allow the society limit you.

Relationships and marriages are so much sweeter when the engine is on point. The fuel in the tank will just be an icing on the cake.

That engine can generate so much power than you could ever imagine.

Maybe you have been noticing some setbacks or delays, why not check your engine? The problem may not be that you are not beautiful or handsome enough or that you don’t have money enough.

It could just be that your engine is working way below the capacity designed for it by the manufacturer.

Matthew 22:29 (MSG) Jesus answered, “You’re off base on two counts: You don’t know your Bibles, and you don’t know how God works.

To balance it, some engines are top notch but the fuel tanks are actually leaking!

Don’t just be a fanatic with no touch of reality. You can mar your relationships if you only know how to communicate with angels without communicating with human beings.

Know about love languages.

Be informed.

Don’t be a social disaster.

Be an emotionally intelligent and intellectual individual.

Be financially responsible.

Look good and smell nice. *winks

Let it not be that the devil is only running away from you, not because you carry fire, but because you have bad breath!


CONFESSION FOR THE DAY: I know how God works.

PRAYER FOR THE DAY: Father help me not to under-utilize my spirit man.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Are you actually running on low fuel or it’s just the engine that is faulty?

ACTION PLAN FOR THE DAY: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you refurbish any part of you that needs attention.


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