The Role of God’s Wisdom in the Fulfillment of Purpose

The Role of God’s Wisdom in the Fulfillment of Purpose

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, March 24, 2019

Message taught by Rev. Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Discovery of purpose helps you eliminate distractions
1Cor 2:1-13, 2Pet 1:19, 16,
Even the Egyptian magicians had some level of faith.

Faith in God is superior to the wisdom of men.

The wisdom of God is what produces the revelation of God’s purpose in our heart.
Identifying and knowing your purpose will bring wealth into your life.

  1. Wisdom is not automatic; I have to be willing to listen. There has to be some form of relationship.
  2. The wisdom comes with maturity.
  3. The superiority of this wisdom over the wisdom of this world.

PS 78:2, Matt 11:25, 13:35
You can’t find purpose as a casual believer, because it is mysterious..
Always speak this wisdom in mystery.
There is an arrangement! V9

Sometimes when you are too comfortable, God will remove the chair under you to get you on your feet.

You can’t welcome God’s purpose into your life if you remain natural.
How to discover purpose…you speak in tongues.
You speak forth to get those things which have been arranged.

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