The Role of Gods Grace in the Fulfillment of Purpose

Sermon Note – Shouts of Grace Center, Sunday March 31, 2019

Message taught by Rev. Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

From Ephesians 1:1, we can see three elements in the fulfillment of God’s purpose in our lives;

a) Identity or specificity of office – Gal 1:1

b) The source of the call

c) The destination or specificity of direction

Rev. Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

Eph 1:2 presents two forces we can’t do without in the fulfilment of purpose – Grace and Peace.

Grace provides the strength in the time of weakness while Peace gives assurance that all will be well in the journey to purpose.

Grace gives the enablement & ability to do while Peace provides the security.

Grace says “Go, I will help you do it” while Peace says “Go, I will keep you while doing it”

Grace without peace is ability without security while peace without Grace is security without productivity.

Pastor Sophia Bola Okunowo

Roms 6:1-2; 5:20,21; 3:20; 4:15, Gal 3:24-25; Rom 5:21

The law came so that grace could abound. The law brought sin; sin abounds but grace abounds more. The more sin, the more grace. However, grace is not meant to make us continue in sin but to make us dead to sin.

Rom 6:6-8, 11-14, 22,23; 7:15,19-25; 8:1,6; 6:20

Four things to know about Grace…

i) The grace of God can be frustrated – Gal 2:21

ii) The grace of God can be in vain – 2 Cor 6:1

iii) A person can fall out of grace – Gal 5:4

iv) The grace of God can fail over a man – Heb 12:15-17

May God’s Grace needed in fulfilling purpose never fail over us. Amen.

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  • Meckson says:

    Gloryyyyyyyy. Grace enables me to do, provides me strength in time of weakness….peace provides me the security and gives me the assurance that all will be well….. Amen

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