The Voice Of Your Lover

Getting to your lover was not designed to be difficult! You know why?

Because you were not meant to do it on your own. You were meant to receive help (guidance) from the spirit realm.

Part of the reason it may seem one hell of a task getting a lover may be because you’ve not really acquainted yourself with the ways of Your Guide.

Let me start this way.

Do you really know that there’s a Voice that wants to lead you in the right way so you can meet your lover? I mean, is it in your consciousness that you are not alone in this business?

That’s where it actually starts from… because you cannot experience what you are not conscious of.

And yes, you need guidance in this business [many there be that have lost their lives (figuratively and literally) because they shi-married.]

Imagine that your right lover is at the end of ‘Peace Avenue’, and you are headed down ‘Anxiety Street’. You would meet a lover, but you would agree with me that s/he would be all shades of wrong!

But Your Guide doesn’t want you to end up with the lover at the end of

Anxiety Street! So the voice calls out to you, right from the point you missed your way, and directs you aright, so you can meet your lover.
Hmmmm… what a beauty!

I think the Scripture says it better even!


“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.”

Isaiah 30:21 NKJV

Isn’t that beautiful? To know that we are not alone.

There’s a Voice, the Voice of the Lord, that desires to lead us in the right way…



You are still a part of the equation, and so you have a role to play.

Let’s note two of our roles from that Scripture:

1. You must develop ears!

The Voice could speak from before the foundations of the world till the end of times, but if you don’t have ears, you will hear nothing!

So as a single, you must develop ears for the Lord.

Of course you know I’m not talking about physical ears now.

You must work at growing in your sensitivity to the Spirit of God. You must seek to be able to discern His promptings, His nudging, His intuitions in you, etc.

You do this by consistently spending quality (includes quantity also) time with God. You grow familiar with someone you spend time with right?

If your mum calls you from behind, and you can’t recognize her voice, then there must be something wrong… with you!

So as you spend time with God, you become increasingly sensitive to Him, such that you can discern His Voice when He calls from behind you to guide you.

2. You must obey.

Many of us are not progressing, not because we are not hearing, but because we are not obeying.

You know why the Voice is calling from behind you? That’s the last point of your obedience, before you veered off in disobedience.

The more you obey the Voice of the Lord, the more you open up yourself to His Voice! Don’t really expect to hear more when you’ve not obeyed the one you’ve heard. The Voice will keep calling you back, “This is the way!”

Has the Lord instructed you to do anything? It could be a personal adjustment (e.g. to stop gossiping, listening to secular songs, to let go of an offence, etc.)… an assignment (e.g. to start a monthly reach out to homeless folks, etc.)… anything at all… Then it’s time to obey.

Remember, your obedience opens you up to more.

Our walk with God is simply a walk of hearing and obeying!

When you listen and obey in ‘little’ issues, it won’t be difficult for you to little and obey the Voice leading you to your lover.

I have ears for the Voice of the Lord, and I obey.

“The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made them both.” Proverbs 20:12 NKJV Pray for the hearing ear!

Our walk with God is simply a walk of hearing and obeying!

Ponder. Is there any Voice I’ve not obeyed? Then seek to obey.

John 16:5-15

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