These Might Be Why He Is Running From You

These Might Be Why He Is Running From You


It’s the month of April. Happy New Month!

They usually say today is April fool’s day, but I dare say today is Blessing full day for you!

Loruko Jesu! (In Jesus name)

Today will be blessed for you!

This month will be great for you!

God will grant unto you the deepest and the utmost desires of your heart!

He will give you a reason to rejoice this month!

If you have been trusting God for a good job, God will open the portals for you this month! If you have been trusting God for marital settlement, God will honour you this month!

We have a word we are standing on, and that is the word of surprise!

Luke 1:64 (MSG)  Surprise followed surprise—Zachariah’s mouth was now open, his tongue loose, and he was talking, praising God!

Good surprises from God will be your lot this month in Jesus name!

Also, I want to deeply appreciate all KHC Partners, may God honour you continually for your seeds sown. This month, heaven will open over your life.

Very quickly, I will like to share with some complete turn offs for men.

These will make a prospective suitor run away.

As in run away!

1. When you are trying to take control of his life when he has not even proposed

You want him to change.

You want him to dress well.

You want to advice him financially.

You want him to cut off some friends.

And he has not even asked you out.

He is going to run away because what you are communicating to him is that he doesn’t know what he is doing, and that would bruise his ego.

Assuming you are married, you can do some of these, but when he has not verbalized his commitment, that would be going too far.

You need to know that even though, God refers to you as the helper after wedding, you are still not the Holy Spirit.

How has he been surviving before you met him? So, don’t ever make a mistake to think that without you he is finished.

2. When you make him the breadwinner of a family he has not started

You are asking for school fees.

You are asking for money for groceries.

You want him to sponsor your vacation.

You want him to assist you junior sister with her upkeep.

And your own parents are still alive and kicking!

It’s somehow!

I know a guy who did some of these to a lady he never married while we were in school. We used to call him Bro. Bukata! (Bro. Responsibility)

Now, if he is doing all these without you asking, it’s okay! Kind heart, generous heart, good guy! Even at that, you need to be careful of any guy who do all of that and never asls you out or even tells you that he is not willing to marry you.

Favour can be deceitful, so says the Holy writ!

Proverbs 31:30 (KJV)  
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

Proverbs 23:3 (KJV)  
Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat.

But it’s a different ballgame when you are putting pressure day in day out!

You want him to prove he can take care of you by spending all he has before he starts!

And he has not even proposed marriage.

You know what, he is going to speak to his legs.

He is going to get scared. He would see you not as a helper, but a gold digger.

I am going to continue this tomorrow!

Be blessed!

I am wise. I am patient

Lord, teach me to move at your pace.

Are you patient and trusting God or hasty and missing Him?

Write down areas you might feel you are putting pressures

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