Things That Your Fiancee Will Not Like

Things That Your Fiancee Will Not Like

Here are a few things your fiancee will not like. Avoid doing them. There are many of them, but I will just mention five.

1.When you are taking a walk together, and then you bump into your friends and you keep her standing alone while you roll with your friends. Whether it’s for ten minutes or thirty minutes, she is not going to be clapping for you when you are through. As a matter of fact, if the commitment is not deep enough, she might just take a walk, angry of course.

2. When you refuse to call her for days while “forming” busy. She is not just going to understand that because she is not just an emotional being, she is also relational.

3. When you can lie for Africa. Trust has been broken severally, and only a tiny fragile chord holds you, of which few more lies will permanently severe the whole relationship. Who wants to marry a person who is “lying in state.”

4. When she gives and buy things for you while you keep saying you are not used to buying things. But you are used to receiving things. Somehow. You almost want to take her ATM card. Not fair.

5. When you talk gleefully and gladly about your ex while you keep criticizing her. When you keep comparing her over and over again. She is going to revolt very soon. No lady likes that kind of stuff. Value the person God has given you and stop dreaming of the cucumbers of Egypt.

What are the other things you don’t like? Use comment form.

May God bless your relationship.

Good morning.

Confession – I value what God has given me

Prayers – Lord, help me to appreciate people around me

Thoughts – Are you truly grateful of the one in your life?

Action Plan – Write a poem for your loved one. Or send a voice note.

Bible reading – 1 Cor 4

Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

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  1. Sylvester Obinna

    Thank you sir.
    Very simple, yet profound.


    When he can say thank you if I did good deed for him but complain when I make mistake.

    1. Adedeji Modupe

      I mean when he can not say thank you but complain when I made mistake.

  3. Gina

    Little drops that make a mighty ocean…may God endue you with more wisdom Sir for more of these insightful teachings!

  4. Destiny Alaere

    When he’s not accountable as in he won’t inform you when traveling or doing any dealings until he’s through with it or u call to know how he’s doing that when he ll say,I travelled.

  5. Blessing Albert

    Am truly grateful for the one in my life…..

    God bless you sir

  6. Jesupelumi

    I value what God has given me. Thank you sir

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