This Is How To Know What True Love Is

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Our day and time has taken it’s stance of what love truly is. The days are evil and so are it notions. Love, they say is bittersweet, blind and hopeless. What a fable of untold truth.

Love for my generation is a brand new iPhone, a car- something material. The eight minutes of ecstasy behind closed doors, a trip to Paris or Dubai, all these are sinking pleasure compared to what was demonstrated at the cross.
It’s easy to join the clamor and say God is love, but what really is love?

It’s definition is an endless adventure to a place more than Paradise. The best we can do is denote it’s characteristics from the life of the one true Messiah.

Love from the life Jesus lived is nothing short of conscious and intentional Sacrifice. Love gives, never expecting something in return. If that guy got you a gift and he feels you should be indebted to him, then it’s far from love.

Love is intentional and sacrificial. Jesus knew he was going to die, not that the information reached him after he had spent a good number of years on Earth. His sole purpose was sacrifice and that’s how every relationship should be.

Love forgives, this is one thing I cherish. To forgive is divine, it would only take Jesus to forgive seventy multiplied by seventy time. Love truly is divine because it forgives anything and everything. This is fundamental to every relationship, understanding that a forgiving heart on both sides will help conquer giants you will never come across.

Love is committed, Jesus could have given up on going to the cross to die, but he didn’t, nothing could stop him. He was and is committed to making sure our guilt was settled and this should apply in all relationships. Be committed to making sure it works, except if the person has a behavioral problem.

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Love is expressive. Imagine the woman who broke the alabaster oil for Jesus or think about when Christ wept. At every point in time, you have to express love in your relationship. It’s not all about reading scriptures and prayers, learn your bae or boo’s love language and express it to them.

Love is loyal. Loyalty is key in every relationship. I.e having or demonstrating undivided and constant support for someone or something. Be loyal, nothing kills relationship like disloyalty. Even Jesus is loyal, faithful and trust worthy, his promises are yea and amen. That’s our template.
Be your partners number one fan, his/her greatest support system.

Don’t be decided by people who go around with the title of “God fearing”, it is wisdom to love the way Christ loves, it helps to even keep us from compromise.

The Bible in 1 John 4:8 says God is love and everyone that loves is born of God… If you can’t love me like God will, then you don’t stand a chance.

The Love of Christ is priceless, yet passionate with everything set aside. That is what you should look out for when choosing a life partner.

I will not be blinded by wordly standards.

My eyes are inclined to differentiate wolves from sheep.

True Love still exist.

Show love to someone.

1John 4

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  • Lilian says:

    My eyes are inclined to differentiate wolves from sheep!

  • Jesupelumi says:

    I will not be blinded by the world’s standard

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