Couples' Devotional

Three Things That Will Get Your Marriage Blessed

There are several things you can do to transform your marriage.

We have also talked about a number of things you can do to work at your marriage.

You know our marriage, like any other relationships requires constant working on it.

You have to keep on improving on your relationship with your spouse.

The more mature you become, the better your marriage also becomes.

But unfortunately, some people don’t mature with age.

We see them keep doing the same things they used to do before.

They stubbornly hold on to the same way they did things.

For example, wives, it is improper for you to argue endlessly with your husband.

It doesn’t work, so stop it.

There are three things I would want us to focus on which will make our marriage a lot better.

They are:

1. Forgiving your spouse

2. Giving to them.

3. Being thankful for your spouse

By now, it is no longer news that you get easily offended mostly in marriage.

You have to get to a position where you tell yourself, ‘No more offenses”.

We had to make that commitment in our marriage.

My husband and I told ourselves, this year, we have a zero tolerance to offenses.

Be quick to let offenses go.

Yes, your spouse will offend you and get you mad, but please “let it go”.

You don’t forgive your spouse because you are not hurting, you forgive because that is the way to go.

You forgive because you realize, you have to protect your ‘fruit”.

You are believing God for stuffs, aren’t you?

Then, forgiveness is a must.

I will stop here today and continue tomorrow by His Grace

God bless your marriage.

Confession of the day
My marriage is blessed. This year we experience the overflow.

Prayer for the day
Lord, teach me to forgive my spouse easily.

Thought of the day
Give the issue of forgiving your spouse a serious thought. If you don’t forgive, you’re working against yourself

Action plan.
Make up your mind to forgive your spouse in advance.

Bible Reading:
1st John 2

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