Three Ways To Love Your Husband

We saw the importance of loving your husband in the devotional yesterday.

Loving your husband is not just a feeling but a covenant responsibility.

It is a task that has to be fulfilled if we want to stand in the fullness of what God created us to be.
To fulfill our purpose as wives, we have to do things God’s way and obey our manufacturer.

That is why I believe loving your husband is the core of what we have to learn as instructed in Titus 2:4

Tit 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

We love, not out of convenience or doing our spouse a favour or because they deserve it but because we want to honour God.

This may not be popular but it is the truth and the way of Christ.

It was not easy also for Christ to love us and die for us. He suffered on the cross for us while we were yet sinners.

A call to love is also a high calling that requires God to help us and also our determination.

Here are 3 ways we can begin to love our spouse.

1. Pray for Him dailyThis is about the most important thing to do for your husband. This serves more than one purpose.

The prayer changes him and draws him closer to God to make him a more loving and caring husband.

No matter how loving your husband is now, he can still be more loving.

When you pray for your husband daily, it is easier to love him.

Your prayers soften your heart towards him.
You are able to forgive him easily and every offense dissolves.

If you get easily offended, pray for your husband daily.When you pray for him, you bring God into his affairs.

He becomes a better husband, better believer, better child of God and he prospers and God blesses your home and marriage, because the wife dares to invite God to intervene in the life of her husband

We will look at the remaining two aspects of loving our husband tomorrow.

Join me for the concluding part.

God bless your marriage

Confession of the day
I am obedient to God and God honours my act of obedience in praying for my husband

Prayer for the day
Lord, give me the grace to pray for my husband daily

Thoughts of the day
I must pray for my husband daily

Action plan
Make it a point of duty to PRAY daily for your husband

Bible reading
John 25

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