Timely Decisions For Husbands and Wives

Timely Decisions For Husbands and Wives

Many years ago, I used to live with a family member who lived in a 7 room apartment.

One of the rooms served as the storage room. This storage room was quite close to the kitchen and not really spacious. In the storage room, there was hardly a functioning bulb.

Not because the owners of the house could not afford to buy a bulb and fix it, but because we practically get everything done in that room with the little illumination that radiates from the kitchen and when the doors are closed we can practically pick everything we need in the room without using a flash light.

We got so used to operating in the storage room without light that the absence of light doesn’t make any significant difference.

The operation changer for us was the presence of rodents in the storage room. I personally do not like rodents since childhood, regardless of their size, type or class… I just didn’t like rats.
I find it amazing that some people keep them as pets.

We had to change our orientation to the storage room as I always made sure the bulb in the storage room was working as well as enforcing rodent control measures.

The experience seem insignificant but we had to act fast on the issue as the rats sometimes secretly would have been feasting on the bag of rice without the knowledge of the whole house.

This experience reminds me of the scriptures

Songs of Solomon 2:15 (kjv) Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

Though my story didn’t talk about foxes, but the learning point here is that, little or seemingly insignificant things can cause grossly disproportionate damage in our marriage and home.

We must guard ourselves against little foxes that do or can do great harm to our Christian home.

I remember my grandma calling these small rats I talked about “Aje loju onile” (meaning open substance devourers in the sight of the owner).

Examples of such destroyers can be found in different areas of marriage such as; Communication destroyers, Spiritual life destroyers, Finances destroyers, Sex life destroyers and so on.

I will dwell on communication destroyers alone today.

Communication breakdown in any marriage will eventually lead such marriage to an undesirable end.

When husband and wife no longer understands how to voice out succinctly or exchange intentions and information successfully without quarreling, a communication gap abounds.

This can be a direct or indirect fallout of certain factors such as distance, lack of submission, unmet expectations, or just carelessness.

Therefore the moment we notice deficiency in our communication, deliberate change has to be made to adjust that immediately.

I remember our pastors (Pastors Dunamis and Sophia) counseling myself and my wife when we just got married and were having issues surrounding communication, to deliberately create time to just talk.

This is a very simple but powerful communication restoration tool you can try as well if you notice a gap in your communication.

Your marriage will not breakdown in Jesus name.

To be Continued.

My marriage will not break down.

My mind and eyes are opened to see and make changes necessary in my marriage.

Think on things that will help your communication become better.

Evaluate your current marriage communication pattern and work on making it better.

Psalms 83

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  1. Pastor Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

    Powerful. Guard against small foxes in your marriage.

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