Two Popular Lies Ladies Need To Stop Believing About Men

Two Popular Lies Ladies Need To Stop Believing About Men

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Hey ladies, can I be real with you for a moment?

You see, I was discussing the common lies women believe about men on WhatsApp with a dear friend of mine recently. It just occurred to me that the society has sold us these lies. But the saddest part is most women have come to believe and accept these lies somewhere in their subconscious. 

I am writing this to help you clear out the cobwebs of lies that has held your mind bound because these lies have the capacity to ruin a great relationship.

So what are these common lies that can ruin your relationship with your partner? I am going to address just TWO of them in this post.

The first is: ALL MEN ARE CHEATS

Listen up, if you are on this table, I highly recommend that you climb down quickly and sharply too. Not all men are cheats; not all men will cheat on you; not all men are scum. 

There are faithful men in this world. God has faithful men hidden right inside Him. You just have to be inside God to receive a faithful man from Him. But never ever believe that your future husband is a cheat.

I find this so funny because most ladies already give their future husbands the permission to cheat on them even before they ever meet them. They constantly tell their friends how it is normal for a guy to cheat on his bae. This is so ridiculous for real. 

You know what? Let me tell you what will happen if you continue to live your life with this mindset. You will constantly attract the wrong kind of guys into your relationship space. And even when you meet a non-cheating guy, you will frustrate him out your life. You will keep suspecting his every move and you might even cause him to engage in the very act of cheating because he might just eventually meet your expectations. 

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So, never forget this. Not all men are cheats. It doesn’t matter if your Mama or Papa told you this. They lied to you. It doesn’t even matter that your Dad cheated on your Mom. Don’t just go through life expecting that the same story will play out in your life. God still has faithful men to hand over to His faithful daughters.

The second lie is this: ALL MEN ARE LIARS.


There are still men of integrity who uphold truth with every fiber of their being. If you go around expecting that your future husband will lie to you at any slightest opportunity, then don’t be shocked if that happens to you because the scripture says in Pro. 10:24 that the desire of the righteous shall be granted.

In other words, your expectations will be granted. So, enough of the toxic thinking about the character of men or how men are wired. It is time to change your mindset. It is time to start renewing your mind with God’s word in accordance with Romans 12:2.

Start believing that you will partner with a faithful and truthful man. Start believing that it is possible to partner with a great man. 

As I round off here, tell a sister to tell another sister not to settle for scum men because NOT ALL MEN are LIARS and NOT ALL MEN are CHEATS.

My mind is set free from these lies of the enemy forever.

Holy Spirit, help me to constantly believe the truth of your word in Jesus name.

Not all men are cheats; not all men are liars.

Read bible reading for today

Rom 12:1-2

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Oshams Ebinum

I am Oshams, writer, blogger, soon-to-be author and Word-Lover.

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