Vision – What is Kisses and Huggs Club?

What is Kisses and Huggs Club?

Our Vision, Our Passion

KHC is an acronym for Kisses and Huggs Club. Kisses and Huggs Club is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Nigeria.

Vision of Kisses and Huggs Club

Vision (Singles)

To raise a generation of people devoid of sexual perversion who will say NO to Sex outside marriage, who will be committed to sexual sanctity, whose ultimate goal is their relationship with God, who will put the Word of God first place and who will walk in the spirit daily.

Vision (Married Couples)

To emphasize marital commitments, marital sanctity, a good family life and raising godly children as instituted by God, and to restore godly passion in marriages thereby bringing about a radical reduction of divorce

Vision (Kiddies)

To assist parents and guardians in training up children in the ways they should go, to impart necessary foundational teachings that will eventually produce a new generation of sexually sanctified children who will raise God’s banners.

More About Kisses and Huggs Club

KHC began with publication of newsletters across campuses in 2007. It later evolved into a blog in 2010 and into a social network site in 2013, organising meetings, seminars, Mega Conferences and eventually a church arm (Shouts of Grace Center) which began in January 2016. KHC holds an annual meeting tagged KHC Camp-Meeting where members come together in a three day meeting with God.

KHC is founded and facilitated by Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo.
The Kisses and Huggs Club is a group of people coming together to do the following:

1. To say No to sex outside marriage

2. To say No to any form of sexual perversion

3. To pool resources, ideas, finances and innovations together to fight sexual perversion on our Campuses and the body of Christ

4. To aggressively be committed to the Vision of Kisses and Huggs and its message.

5. To consistently organize Club Meetings, Club Night-Outs, Drama Nights, Dance, Concerts, etc where the message will be succinctly communicated as we believe God for changed lives and new commitments.

Kisses and Huggs Club is open to all believers who will say NO to sex outside marriage. It is not a fellowship or a church; hence it is opened to the Body of Christ. To join Kisses and Huggs Club, go Here

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