What Is Your Temperament? – A Test To Find Out

In this eBook, you will discover:
Instructions to discover your temperament
Scoring Criteria
Analysis of temperaments
What’s your Personality Temperament?
What’s My Personality Temperament Blend?
Who’s The SanChlor
Who’s The SanMel
Who’s The SanPhleg
Who’s The ChlorSan 
Who’s The ChlorMel
Who’s The ChlorPhleg
Who’s The MelSan
Who’s The MelChlor
Who’s The MelPhleg
Who’s The PhlegSan 
Who’s The PhlegChlor
Who’s The PhlegMel
The Sanguine: Strengths, Weaknesses And Sex
The Melancholy: Strengths, Weaknesses And Sex
The Choleric: Strengths, Weaknesses And Sex
The Phlegmatic: Strengths, Weaknesses And Sex

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